Town & Country Releases Its 50 Modern Swans List with Delilah Hamlin, Corinne Fox and More

by Sydney Sadick

Town & Country has released its annual 50 Modern Swans list in their new September issue of the world’s most influential, stylish, and talked about young women. Some of this year’s rising talents, who were lensed by Victor Demarchelier for a spread in the book include cover star Billie Lourd, plus, Noah CyrusSelah MarleyAmelia and Delilah HamlinCorinne Fox, and Lorraine Nicholson. Each starlet is profiled via three categories: “The Skinny” ( a run-down of how they got started), “Bragging Rights,” (they’re accomplishments), and “Natural Habitat” (where you can find them).

Here are some tidbits from the feature:

Noah Cyrus
T&C: Define influence.
I think you’ve got to be as honest as possible in order to influence someone. People look up to me, like my music, and even follow me on Instagram because they know I’m keeping it real with them.
Who has been your greatest influence?
Lady Gaga. She doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. I admire that.
What advice has your family given you?
My dad always says, “If you’re not having fun, it isn’t working.”
How do you hope your work affects others?
My songwriting is personal in the hope that listeners will know that I relate to them.
What causes are important to you?
Animal rights. I’ve worked with PETA on freeing elephants from the circus.

Selah Marley
T&C: Who has been your greatest influence?
My greatest influence has and always will be my mother. I admire her strength, fearlessness, and optimism.
What lessons have you learned from observing your parents in the public eye?
The major thing I’ve learned is to keep your private life private. There are some things that are sacred and should be kept close.
What are your career goals?
My plan is to give myself the space and a platform to freely express my creativity. I have a million things I want to do, so right now I’m interested in creating a home for all of these ideas.
How do you hope your work will affect others?
I just want to show people that the best thing you could ever do for yourself is be yourself.

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