Lisa Rinna On ‘Finally’ Launching Lip Kits, Her Secret To Staying Fit, And What’s In Store For 2021

by Freya Drohan

Real Housewife star Lisa Rinna has one of the most famous pouts in the game—so it makes sense that the actress-turned-multi-faceted influencer and entrepreneur would formulate her own ‘secret sauce’. The newly-launched Rinna Beauty lip kits are selling like hot cakes—and there’s plenty more in store for the brand. We hopped on the phone with the hilarious mom-of-two to chat cosmetics and hear what she’s got in the pipeline for the year ahead. 

You’ve been wanting to do this for 10 years. What was the impetus for finally getting into beauty?
I found a company! We tried many times for many years and for whatever reasons, the deals would fall through. This deal didn’t and the timing is right. It’s not the most opportune time to launch a lip line, but it has worked out so amazingly. It was a great distraction, it took longer—because components were arriving from overseas and what not—but I don’t think anyone else launched a beauty line during this time!

Did you enjoy the process of testing and trying out the formulas? How long did it take to perfect everything?
I absolutely loved it! I’m so specific in what I like in terms of consistency and formulation. I was a stickler, so it was  a long process because it took a bit longer: I would not sign off ‘til I really loved the product. I drove people crazy, especially with the lipgloss!


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What are your non-negotiables?
I like a certain consistency. I don’t want smell or taste; it has to be plain with no fragrance. I like it on the thicker side too, so it lasts, but I don’t want it too sticky. It took a while to get just the right combination of thickness, smoothness, creaminess, and luxury.

You’re so well known for your pout! Tell us why you wanted to start with lip products?
I have brands that I absolutely love, so it really wasn’t that [I couldn’t find products]. It was more that I wanted to be able to do my own because I’m so specific about what I love. I’m always wearing nudes and peachy colors, and people were always asking me for years what [shades] I wore. I never go without something on my lips—my mom was the same, she’d never have her lips bare! Same with me and my girls.

If you’re always wearing product, do you find you need to incorporate extra steps to keep your lips moisturized?
I don’t really do anything! Probably because I always have a lip on.  If I do a facial scrub, I use it on my lips too, but I always have something on, whether it’s a gloss or a balm. I’ll use anything, even Chapstick. It’s really dry here [in L.A.] so it’s horribly taxing on the lips.

What makes your lip kits different and why are people loving them?
My special sauce is the combo—the formulations and the colors—and the pencil, and how you can layer them together. They’re beautiful colors that everyone can wear. It’s a no brainer. You can come up with so many different colors with different combinations. Or layer all three, that’s what I do! It’s just so easy. ‘Easy, easy beauty’ is what I call it. It looks good on everyone.

What shade can you not live without right now?
Rosé All Day lipstick and No Filter lipgloss, and of course, I only did one liner which comes in all the kits.

Is your relationship with makeup different now than it was in other times of your life?
Yes, I would say so. I’ve been in the business for over 30 years so it’s evolved tremendously. After becoming a ‘Real Housewife’ and now that I have my own line, the way I view makeup and look at lipgloss, eyeshadows, and everything else, is more from the perspective of someone in the business.  It’s all about the evolution of your life: your income, fashion, beauty…everything. Beauty and fashion are ever evolving!


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Totally! Speaking of…any beauty fads you regret? Like the dreaded ’90s brow…
I did the too thin eyebrows for a minute too, that didn’t work at all. Also frosted eyeshadows; never good on me!

Do you plan on expanding the line to include other products?
Yes we’re planning on going into many categories. We have a 5-10 year plan. Starting with lips seemed like the most organic and authentic. I think eyes will be next.

What are some of your other beauty and skincare must-haves?
I love Dr Barbara Sturm skincare: I just think it’s changed my skin. I love so many things, so it’s a very hard question to answer. NARS is another go-to. The people who are makeup artists—and doctors for skincare—I think they tend to be the ones I focus on.

What’s your usual routine? 
When I wake up in the morning, I brush my teeth and put sunscreen on. It’s a habit, the moment you hit your computer or phone screen you’re getting light which causes damage. I love a bronzer too. I love that sun-kissed, J.Lo glow!

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Her skincare range will be good!
I’m excited to try it. She’s really smart.

Speaking of J.LO, do you have a fragrance? What kind of scent do you like? 
I want to! Well, it’s hard to say for me because I like something really light and natural. I don’t like anything that has any chemicals.

Did you discover any fun new at-home fitness trends this year that you can let us in on?
Yes I did: Isaac Boots! That has got me through. I do it almost every day. It’s fun and a great community, plus it’s free. He never missed a day.

You’ve done fashion, beauty, fitness, books…any other industry you want to delve into?
I’m gonna go into alcohol! I’m gonna go into wine.

Ooh! Is the Rosé All Day lipstick a teaser?
Maybe! I want to do alcohol and I might even do another fitness dance DVD. I miss outdoor classes. I really miss that.

What else is next for you this year?
Alcohol is the biggest thing, and just focusing on the different launches of Rinna Beauty. That’s all I can think of, and being free of COVID. I can’t wait ’til I can get the vaccine!

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