Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring 2021 Campaign Is A Lesson in Inclusivity

by Aaron Royce

February is here, and so is Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring 2021 campaign. Today, the iconic designer debuted his latest international campaign, “Moving Forward Together”—and it’s all about social change and community.

Per the theme, the cast features an inclusive array of community leaders and activists, like Indya Moore and Jameela Jamil, DJ Kiddy Smile, and Compton Cowboys founders Kee, Randy Savvy, and Stoner Mane. Instead of an in-person group campaign, Hilfiger chose to highlight each member in international environments that feel most like home to them—from a voguing ballroom to a beach to Hainan.

As if that wasn’t authentic enough, the cast was also photographed in pieces they love the most; Jamil wears a pleated midi skirt, while the Cowboys are decked out in Hilfiger’s American prep-inspired jackets, knits and collared shirts. More standouts include piped suiting, polo-inspired tops, and sharp dresses that can easily blend into and complement existing wardrobes—or form a foundation for new ones.

The Comptom Cowboys for Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring 2021 campaign (Clara Balzary/courtesy)

The campaign continues the “Moving Forward Together” theme from last season’s star-studded ads, aiming to create a better future that “Wastes Nothing and Welcomes All.” As more fashion brands have immersed themselves into sustainability practices, this value is represented through the use of more eco-friendly materials. EcoVero viscose, Lyocell fabric, recycled polyester, and organic cotton are the main materials in the collection, furthering Hilfiger’s environmental mission he hopes to achieve by 2030.

“As we stand at one of the most pivotal moments in history, we must move forward together to build a  future for the next generations. I am proud that our Spring 2021 collection is represented by a such an incredible and diverse group of people who embody this message. Throughout the season and beyond, I am confident they will inspire fans to drive meaningful, long-lasting change,” Hilfiger said in a release.

Monica Guo for Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring 2021 campaign (Ken Ngang/courtesy)

The Spring 2021 campaign was shot at locations in Los Angeles, London, Paris, Berlin, New Jersey, and Hainan by photographers Clara Balzary, Joshua Woods, Jana Gerberding,  Ken Ngang and Tom Johnson.

You can now view the full campaign at

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