Tidbits From Fashion Rocks’ Tapis Rouge

by Alexandra Ilyashov

At the big redux of Fashion Rocks on Tuesday, the Barclays Center in downtown Brooklyn was filled with heavy hitters from the style and music orbits, with performances by the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, Rita Ora, Nicky Minaj, Miranda Lambert, Duran Duran, an ongoing fashion show filled with Macy’s threads, and more. Some of the chic presenters included Lara Stone, Naomi Campbell, and Joan Smalls. A  few fun soundbites from the red carpet, right this way…

“My socks, without a doubt!”—Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes on the most rock ‘n’ roll thing about him

“Jimmy Morrison!”—Tommy Hilfiger on the rocker he’d trade lives with

Nicki Minaj! Hopefully she plays ‘Anaconda’ [Ed. Note: She did.]  I would love to see her butt in real life. That would be fun.”—Atlanta de Cadenet on the Fashion Rocks performer she most wanted to see.

“Oh my God, it’s still ‘Welcome To The Jungle’! But I do listen to the top 40 stuff now, too, ‘cause I have kids.”—Steve Madden on his go-to song for rocking out.

“My husband, would that be weird?!”—Lily Aldridge on the rocker she’d trade lives with

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