Things To Discuss: Karlie Kloss’ Locks

by Paige Reddinger
Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss

When Karlie Kloss makes a coif change, everybody has an opinion. This summer she went blonde for a shoot for Vogue, and she told us recently, “I have had a bit of fun since being blonde! So maybe there is some sort of correlation between the two.” We were curious what front rowers in Paris had to say about America’s sweetheart’s new look so we asked away this weekend…Karlie’s hair! Discuss!

“I love Karlie anytime, anywhere, any color. She’s a fantastic girl, because she’s a healthy girl and she’s represents the new guard where it was all about body language, beauty, healthiness, they run, they work out, they are fit. She can make it however she wants. She’s the modernity of beauty.”Anna Dello Russo

“I prefer her as a brunette. Usually, I like blondes, but on her I like her natural color. I think it looks better on her.”Kyle Anderson, accessories director, Marie Claire

“I mean honestly I think she can do no wrong. She looks great either way, but I like the blonde. I think it’s refreshing.”Karla Martinez de Salas, fashion market and accessories director, W

“I have not seen her longer blonde hair, I’m sorry!  When I saw her walking I didn’t notice it was that much blonder. Was it? She’s a perfect chameleon though. She could probably pull off bright red if she wanted to.”Susie Lau, blogger

“I don’t know if her hair affects the way I perceive her. I mean, she’s iconic. She could be bald and she would still be iconic!”Patrick Li, creative director, T

“I really like her both ways. I just like her. It doesn’t matter what her hairstyle is.”Stefano Tonchi, editor-in-chief, W

“I like it, actually. I think she’s changing. I think that models should be like chameleons, because that’s what they need to do. They need to change. They can’t stay with one image. I like her face very, very much anyway. She’s always so beautiful. And you know what? At the end of the day, it’s only hair. It can always change it back.”Michelle Elie, designer, contributor to Garage

“It was perfect for summer!”Nina Garcia, creative director, Marie Claire

“Being a brunette myself, I hate to lose one from our tribe so I hope she comes back! But she looks great as always.”Anne Fulenwider, editor-in-chief, Marie Claire

“I love Karlie Kloss with any hair. Any hair or no hair, I love Karlie!”Jane Keltner de Valle, fashion news director, Glamour

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Helen Oppenheim September 29, 2014 - 8:29 PM

Karle Kloss always looks wonderful. But I did prefer her with shorter hair. And darker. Now she looks like everyone else. ~Helen Oppenheim, Hair Guru!

Helen Oppenheim September 29, 2014 - 8:30 PM

Oops, sorry for the repeat. ~H


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