The Things You Say

by The Daily Front Row

You talk! We listen! Some nuggets we’ve collected recently…

“I’m watching The Following with Kevin Bacon! It’s really good!” –Stephanie Seymour

“I’d love to play an evil villain or a possessed demon child. Not the pretty girl. That’s boring.” –Cara Delevingne on her acting plans.

“I’m kind of addicted to reading post-apocalyptic fiction. I just grabbed a few Justin Cronin books,The Twelve and The Passage, which were very fun.” –NY Times’ Eric Wilson

“Never gum! Mints! My mom would have a heart attack if I was chewing gum.” –Nicky Hilton

“She’s like our family.” –Rashida Jones on Naomi Campbell

“Everyone has been accusing me of doing more and it’s been all over the press. They’ve been saying I got my eye done, my lips done. That’s not the truth. I only got my nose done.”-Alexa Ray Joel on plastic surgery.

“What’s the capital of Kentucky?” -Duckie Brown’s Steven Cox on the city least likely to hold a fashion week.

“Not so huge. I take things to my warehouse. It’s like a closet.” –Catherine Malandrino on the size of her closet.

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