The Hollywood Reporter Scores Gaga And Karl For Its Annual Power Stylists Issue

by Eddie Roche
The Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter‘s annual Power Stylists issue is on the way, featuring a major coup: Karl Lagerfeld shot Lady Gaga and the man who brings her to life, Brandon Maxwell, for the cover. Well done, kids. The shoot took place on March 7th at Coco Chanel’s apartment in Paris for the special issue, which ranks Hollywood’s 25 most powerful tastemakers. “Being on Coco’s couch and having champagne in her apartment—it should always be a moment that we remember,” Gaga told The Hollywood Reporter. “So we are not just creating fashion as a look but an entire experience. It’s our life. It’s the reason I do it every day.”

This years list of the top stylists includes Petra Flannery (at number 1), Leslie Fremar, Kate Young, Ilaria Urbinati, Jeanann Williams, and Joseph Cassell. Click HERE to view the complete list. The issue also includes a piece on E!’s decision to hit pause on Fashion Police as execs figure out the future of the show.

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