The Cool, Calm And Totally Chic Made In Italy Labels Not To Miss

by Julia Oakes

We’ve got our eyes set on Italy—specifically with 70 Made in Italy labels ready to show at COTERIE’s trade show, scheduled to return to in-person format in NYC from February 27 – March 1. Next up: must-have ready to wear staples for everyone! 

Seventy Venezia

A go-to for men and women alike, Venice-based Seventy Venezia combines the likes of art, architecture and cinema into every design. The result? Modern, sexy, all-Italian sartorial bliss. To make the brand even more of a best seller (as if!), its user-friendly site offers curated lookbooks for whichever occasion you’re shopping. [Agent name: Marco Tiburzi; Booth number: 6402]


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VLT’s by Valentina’s

Proving itself to be a leading force in the women’s shirt and blouse sector, VLT’s focuses on keeping its stock in line with trends, while never compromising on timeless dependability. With locations dotted across Italy’s Piemonte, Emilia Romagna, Toscana, and Abruzzo regions, VLT’s research-backed design excellence is hardly even a hop, skip, and a Vespa away! [Agent name: Annamaria Parenti; Booth number: 6628]


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Since its humble Castellana Grotte beginnings in 1960, Mazzarelli has practiced—and seemingly perfected—its tailoring excellence and sartorial charm. Every design enlists generations-long discipline and select quality fabrics, resulting in none other than cuff-to-sleeve bliss. [Agent name: Tania Piacquadio; Booth number: 6532]


Designed to attract customers with a youthful, dynamic, and shamelessly romantic frame of mind, MOU offers both casual and sophisticated womenswear sets—dresses, skirts, and accessories are headlining. Muted palettes, clean design, and made-to-last materials make MOU a foolproof choice season after season. [Agent name: Marika; Booth number: 6321]


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Francesca Geraci

A quick look at any Francesca Geraci piece will reveal exquisite attention to detail, sinuous lines, and a deep-rooted love of elegance. Namesake founder and designer Geraci draws eyes to less-pronounced pant leg flares and subtle silk tie-necks, leaving every woman’s wardrobe better than it was found. [Agent name: Francesca Geraci; Booth number: 6831]

True Royal

Born at the hands of couture vets Gennaro Esposito and Fabrizio Berzeri, Milanese label True Royal delivers trendy, yet timelessly tailored ready to wear, though its classic trouser-focused roots are where it’s always shone the brightest. A total-look appeal! [Agent name: Serena Tovaglieri; Booth number: 6625]


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Parma-based Goodmatch has been designing with the modern working woman top of mind for over half a century. Stitched with high-performing, eco-sustainable fabrics and tailored Italian excellence, any Goodmatch ware is the perfect candidate for on-the-go errands and grabbing un aperitivo alike. A good match indeed! [Agent name: Vincenzo Bocchi; Booth number: 6534]


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Anna Maria Paletti

Sitting pretty at the crossroads of simplicity and elegance is the studio of Anna Maria Paletti, where dainty prints, clean lines, and effortlessly feminine ready to wear find their home. Statement pleats, quiet ruffles, jewels, oh my! [Agent name: Titolare Rappresentante; Booth number: 6411]


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Venice-founded label Gaiofatto is much more than what meets the eye—AKA elegantly bold womenswear. Namesake founder Michela Gaiofatto aims to deliver fashion that not only empowers women, but does so with a femme aesthetic and eco-conscious manufacturing. Fashion, female, environment! [Agent name: Michela; Booth number: 6414]


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Going on holiday anytime soon? You’re in luck! Arenzano-based Ploumanac’h isn’t one to clack, especially when it comes to resortwear. Just think: hand-painted cashmere sweaters, washed-out linens and wares to stock up your “workation” wardrobe. Zoom calls from the beach, anyone?! [Agent name: Filippo Decotto; Booth number: 6625]


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