Frame Fitness Takes Body-Toning to the Next Level with the Frame Reformer

by Thomas Herd

While the idealization of specific body types has long plagued women as a whole for decades, modern advances in societal female empowerment have begun shifting beauty standards toward a much-healthier standard – health. With recent studies showing that women are largely trending toward body-toning exercises, Pilates has emerged as one of the most sought-after forms of working out for its comprehensive strengthening of both the mind and body. However, considering the covid-19 pandemic largely prevented consumers from attending in-person classes, many Pilates followers were left hanging out to dry without access to their studio’s reformer equipment – until now. Meet Frame Fitness’ Frame Reformer, the first-of-its-kind Pilates reformer machine designed specifically for home use.

The brainchild of Frame Fitness CEO and long-time Pilates devotee Melissa Bentivoglio, the Frame Reformer has been expertly designed by industry professionals to provide the weight-losing, muscle-toning, and balance-enhancing properties Pilates has become known for over the years. Featuring some of the classic hallmarks of Pilates machinery such as a moving carriage and built-in resistance bands, Frame Fitness has innovated the reformer for the modern age by including a full-scope digital screen into the Frame Reformer, naturally ingraining Frame Fitness’ expert training sessions straight into the equipment.

The Frame Reformer goes on to innovate home fitness further through its unique construction, allowing for countless storage options within users’ abodes through its inherent foldability. Keeping aesthetics in mind, the Frame Reformer couples its high-level functionality with sleek and elegant visual elements – an aspect particularly appealing to Frame Fitness’ female user base, as women tend to make some 94 percent of a home’s decor decisions on average compared to their male counterparts. Considering exercise industry experts’ estimates that home fitness is here to stay for the long run, the home-oriented Frame Reformer couldn’t have arrived at a more germane moment, making achieving incredible Pilates-based results more convenient and comfortable than ever before seen in the housebound fitness market.

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