Tall Tales Avec Karlie Kloss

by Paige Reddinger

Karlie Kloss‘ lengthy frame that is famous for her signature sashay down the runway. We chatted with her backstage in Paris this week about her sexy strut. Plus! How did Kloss use her towering height to her advantage long before she ever went down a catwalk?!

You have a very distinct walk. Did you think about that when you first started modeling?
I don’t know that’s just how I walk. Well, I guess that’s not how I would walk down the street, but I guess I have always though of it as a performance. I have a background in ballet and dance. I think it also depends on the show. They definitely give you direction on whether they want you to feel strong, confident, and sexy.

Most models are tall, but you are very tall. What was it like when you were growing up?
Terrible! I was always head and shoulders above the rest all throughout school. In grade school I would always get away with things.

I looked like an assistant teacher instead of a student. So I used it to my advantage!

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