Talking Princeton, Alaïa, And Country Music With Maggie Sajak

by The Daily Front Row

You may recognize Maggie Sajak from her notable last name (she’s the offspring of Wheel of Fortune’s Pat Sajak) but the 18-year old singer is taking the country scene by storm, and bringing a touch of high fashion with her. Oh, and balances her singing career with her pre-med studies at Princeton. The Daily caught up with Sajak, and it seems like that other blonde country starlette has a bit of friendly competition. 

How did you get started with your singing career?
I’ve been singing my whole life and I’ve always listened to country music. It’s become a passion for me and I’ve been pursuing it professionally for the past three years.

But aren’t you still in school?
Yeah, I’m a sophomore at Princeton.

What do you study?
I’m not sure what my major is yet, but I am doing a bit of pre-med because I want to lay the groundwork, in case I ever want to go to medical school.

That’s impressive! What have you been working on career wise?
I just did a music video for my latest single, “Wild Boy”, that was shot at ACME studios in Brooklyn, with Tom Betterton and Jenny Gage as the photographers. I worked with Billy B on the makeup, and the stylist was Nina Sterghiou. I ended up wearing an Alaïa dress! Madeline Poole did the nails, and while she did something clean and simple, she’s really amazing. I love mixing fashion and country, which is exactly what this group of people did for me.

What other fun have you had in fashion?
I did a shoot for Teen Vogue at Princeton and we focused on a punk look with a big blazer and chunky shoes, which I plan to wear this fall. The other look was denim on denim, which I wouldn’t usually think of wearing.

Will you consider wearing denim on denim now?
I will, as long as it’s done right!

Did you like the shoot?
We got to try on a bunch of different clothes, just racks and racks of stuff. I felt like I was in a dream.

Check out the “Wild Boy” video in all its fashion glory here!

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