Serena Kerrigan On Where’s Fun In NYC Right Now, What’s Hot (And What’s Not!) & Her Studs Collab

by Freya Drohan

And just like that—it’s November 1. With party season in sight, we called up New York City’s resident ‘Queen of Confidence’ Serena Fucking Kerrigan—aka SFK—to get the lowdown on where to go, in her words, for the plot, before the year draws to a close. Today, the entrepreneur and influencer released her first collaboration with Studs which speaks to her personal brand of always hyping yourself up. And if you’re dreading your family asking you the same old questions about your personal life around the table during the holidays; know that she designed this one for you. Read on for the scoop about the collection and for tips on how to channel her inimitable energy on your next night out. 

What’s your vibe for the holiday season in one word?

What are you excited about wearing when hitting up holiday parties?
Other than my Studs earring collection? Leather trench coats, maxi denim skirts, sheer dresses, and loafers.

What’s your end of year drink of choice?
Obviously Negroni Sbagliato, duh.

Tell us about this collab. How did it come about?
I’m SO excited about my first jewelry collection, and that it’s with an earring brand I wear literally all the time. I’ve been wearing and getting pierced at Studs almost since they launched, and I met Lisa Bubbers (Studs co-founder and CBO) at their Deuxmoi holiday party last December. We really hit it off and our brands align so well, so the collaboration came together really organically. Studs is all about embodying self-expression through your Earscape®—the way you style your ears with piercings with jewelry that speaks to you. When you combine that with what I always say about being the main character of your life and finding confidence in the unique parts of yourself, it was a perfect match. I’ve been working with the Studs team on this for almost a year now and the entire process has been such a rewarding experience. The collection means the world to me, and not just because it’s literally parts of my personality distilled into four incredible earrings, but also because the way it came together is a great example of what I always talk about: advocating for yourself and doing it for the plot.

What’s in the collection? 
I put a lot of thought into the earring designs and the meaning behind each piece. There are four different styles, two of which come in both gold and silver, that can be mixed and matched, worn together or separately. First, we have the Fancy F*cks Stud that says “fucks” in a script font. Listen, f*ck is my favorite word, I mean, it’s ¾ of my middle name. You can use it for anything and in any way. I just happen to only use it in a positive way. The Max Pavé Hoop is really a statement earring in more ways than one. What I love most about it is that we inscribed a secret message, “Do It For The Plot.” It’s a little hidden message that you know is there, literally in your ear, reminding you to show up as the main character. The fact that it’s f*cking gorgeous is just a bonus. The Chain Fringe Huggie is so fun with just a little bit of edge. Think: a party on your ear, without the hangover. And last but certainly not least, we have the Crown Stud because you should be walking into every situation this holiday season feeling like royalty.

Serena Kerrigan

Serena Kerrigan (Courtesy of Studs)

NYC nightlife feels dull right now. Where are you going for fun?
I just joined Zero Bond. I feel like the vibe these days is more about intimate dinners, speakeasies, and apartment parties. Bring my card game with you to make new friends. Trust me, it works!

What makes a memorable night out in your eyes?
Start at B’artusi for a drink (or two). Then go to Saint Theo’s and order the Chicken Milanese. And end up at The Nines for an extra dirty vodka martini over a game of Let’s Fucking Date. And if you’re feeling wild, go downstairs to Acme.

What are you telling yourself in the mirror this holiday season to keep the confidence at a peak?
Do it for the plot.

In your books, what else is hot for Q4?
The Tunacado sandwich from Joe & The Juice (ask for extra tuna), faux leather trench coats, BeReal, tarot readings, Crown Affair shampoo, handwritten notes, and AirPods Max.

What’s not?
Ghosting, hanganxiety, speaking badly about yourself, love bombing, software update notifications, cowl necks, and clutter.

Favorite memory of 2022, if you had to pick just one?
Designing my first jewelry collaboration with Studs is a pretty hard one to beat! It was such a fantastic creative opportunity and allowed me to look at parts of my personality and somehow make them wearable. I mean, it’s one thing to give yourself a pep talk, but to have the pep talk from SFK directly in your ear? Iconic.

Where will people see you in 2023?
I don’t want to give too much away, but if you’re sick of seeing this face…2023 is going to be a rough year for you.

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