Stefano Tonchi On Kim Kardashian’s Paper Cover

by Eddie Roche

Kim Kardashian

How does W‘s Stefano Tonchi feel about Kim Kardashian’s recent cover for Paper magazine, for which she famously bared her bum? “Everybody says, ‘Oh my God, look at the cover of Paper magazine with Kim Kardashian,’” Tonchi tells Page Six. “I’m like, yeah, I think she is using them. We used her.” One of KK’s first legit covers was appearing nude on the November 2010 edition of W for their annual art issue. “Kim was the perfect person to express the message of the new selfie culture,” Tonchi says. “It was Kim Kardashian being used by W, not Kim Kardashian using W. There’s a big difference.”

The #breaktheinternet cover continued to play out in the mainstream over the weekend, with Nicki Minaj stopping by the “Weekend Update” desk on Saturday Night Live. Minaj played Kardashian, explaining that those nudie pics were all a big misunderstanding and the shoot was actually meant to raise awareness for relevant educational issues. (She was joking.)

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