Sofia Coppola Joins Marc Jacobs’ Fall Campaign Brigade

by Alexandra Ilyashov

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Marc Jacobs 
continues to reveal his eclectic cast of Fall campaign stars, and the latest face is certainly a familiar one: Sofia Coppola will appear in the slew of ads. Winona Ryder is also on deck, which Jacobs revealed two days ago via Instagram, writing: “Winona and I have been friends for over 15 years. She first appeared in our campaign in 2003. Here she is as beautiful and unique as ever”. Last week, Jacobs shared other campaign cameos: Pearl Lowe‘s daughter, Betty Lowe; a month ago, he shared that Willow Smith was in the mix, and Cher was the first big reveal.

Also in the sprawling campaign, which was shot by David Sims against a series of simple red backdrops: Steve Mackey and his son, Marley Mackey, as revealed yesterday. In addition to the designer’s array of non-mods in the campaign, one shot features a trio of leggy gals: Julia Nobis, Cierra Skye, and Molly Bair. Check out Jacobs’ full Fall campaign slate in the gallery below.

Jacobs had some particularly heartfelt words to share (on the ‘gram, of course) about his relationship with Coppola:

“This next photo I am “leaking” is (along with Chers portrait) one of my very favorites from this “album” photographed by David Sims of our Fall/Winter collections. I met Sofia Coppola just after I showed my now “credited” (by some!) GRUNGE collection for Perry Ellis in 1992. Sofia was one of the few who recognized something special and related to what I was doing at that time. She wanted to meet me, and when we did, it was love at first sight for me! Not only was I attracted to how she looked, her sense of style, I was drawn to her manner. Her behavior, her life, her ambitions and creativity… She represented everything I am drawn to- Talent, style, creativity, a unique “vision and voice”. She had then and has now an interest in fashion not as an art but rather part of the “art of living”. Like good books, good music, beautiful interiors, art. She makes films that are creative and unique in their tone. While they do have a style they are not the “block buster Hollywood” type movies that adhere to a formula or an accepted commercial cast. We became great friends immediately. Over the years she has appeared in the ads we did. The first campaign was for Fall/Winter 2000. The next our first fragrance in 2001 photographed by Juergen Teller. She later would be the subject of a portrait painted by the artist Elizabeth Peyton. Sofia and I went on to collaborating for handbag collections both at our company and for Louis Vuitton (while I was there) and later sat for my final Vuitton campaign photographed by Steven Meisel. She has also directed our recent television commercial for our fragrance DAISY (equally inspired by my love for her film THE VIRGIN SUICIDES). I write all of this to say, that from that point of my life and to this day, I am so deeply inspired by that time in my life. Meeting Sofia, having met and worked with Steven, the many years I collaborated with Juergen Teller, the work of David Sims and the late Corinne Day. As I write this and look at all the portraits of David’s beautiful campaign, it touches me so deeply to see the profound effect this cast has on my life and work. Special thanks to Katie, David, Guido, Diane, Stefan and my team.”


All photos by David Sims, via Instagram 

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