Sigourney Weaver On The Cover of InStyle Is 2021’s First Winner

by Eddie Roche

Do you know what I didn’t know I needed in 2021? Sigourney Weaver on the cover of InStyle!!!! The 71-year-old icon appears looking decades younger in a Gucci Donald Duck shirt in the magazine’s ‘Bas Ass Women’ February issue. The cover was shot by Sebastian Faena and styled by Julia von Boehm.

Inside she talks to Christopher Bagley about fashion, her busy year ahead on screen (aka, two movies and Netflix show Call My Agent!), and the secrets to her longtime marriage to Jim Simpson (36 years and counting!!!!).

Here are some highlights from the interview:

Marriage tricks: “I’ve always believed what they say in the psychology magazines—that whatever is wrong with your current relationship, you’ll re-experience it in the next one. So why not stick with this great guy who you found and work things out with him?”

On changing her name from Susan Weaver to Sigourney Weaver at 14-years-old: “I didn’t realize what a huge step it was to change my name, or what it probably said about me wanting to go my own way. I didn’t see it in that context. I just didn’t like being called Susie…And look, now some people call me Siggy, which is just like Susie. You can’t escape your destiny.”

Sigourney Weaver (Sebastian Faena)

Her take on fashion after lockdown: “Maybe dressing up will become more personal, more individual—and more comfortable, which I think is a great thing.”

On being told she wouldn’t make it while in drama school: “It was completely heartbreaking to me,” she says. “They said that I didn’t have the talent to be in the business, that they didn’t think I should be at the school. It took me many years to get over it. If anyone reads this who’s an acting student, do not do what I did—don’t take it so seriously and actually believe them. Just go out for a few drinks and say, ‘Fuck them!’”

The February issue of InStyle hits newsstands, Amazon, and digital download on January 15th!

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