She’s On To Something! You’ll Love This All Seeing, All Knowing Interview With Legendary Intuitive Laura Day

by Freya Drohan

Meet Laura Day: a world-renowned intuitive who has a pragmatic way of viewing the world as we know it. After multiple decades helping individuals, organizations, and companies dial into their own intuitive abilities—making millions for major companies in the process!—Day found a new layer to her business during the pandemic as she reached more people than ever on a personal level thanks to social media. With one look at her A-list client list (Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow, Uma Thurman, Bruce Willis, and more!), we knew we needed a one-on-one with her to hear about how we should all be approaching the world post-pandemic. Prepare to take notes! 

How have you been and how are you doing? 
I am happy as a clam. Since I am an introvert, being isolated during the pandemic with my husband as my prisoner was my idea of a good time. But now that I have had a year of solitude (he is still chained to the dining room table), I am ready to see, smell, touch, and break bread with all the people I have come to miss. I got nothing done during the pandemic, because I discovered social media and spent the time training my readers to be intuitives and healers and to work in their communities. Although I was gutted, as were we all, by the tremendous toll the pandemic exacted, I was so grateful to have useful skills: intuition, healing, and community-building. And I was fortunate enough to have dollars to share. Purpose
makes everything bearable. Intuition about one’s own experience is a funny thing. It is hard to separate intuition from thought, expectation, fear, and feeling. That is why I ask people to read one another all the time on my Instagram or in my workshops. It is so easy to get accurate intuition when you don’t know the person or question. Intuition hates information. The more you don’t know, the more you are forced to intuit—or, as my students say, pick it out of thin air. Then over time, you verify that you aren’t just making it up by getting feedback.

Laura Day (Courtesy)

Have you always been psychic or did it come to you later in life?
Forty-odd years ago, I was watching a ‘nerdy’ channel on TV, and I saw a show about research being done on Extrasensory Perception. I called one of the researchers and said, I can do what you are talking about. I didn’t realize that not everyone experiences what I do, and I was so happy to have a talent that people found interesting. I went in. The researcher was clearly disappointed to see a skinny 22-year-old math-and-science geek instead of a sophisticated muse. He began mansplaining to me about remote viewing, telepathy, seeing the future, and so on, using a lot of SAT words. I have
severe, unmedicated ADHD, so listening is not my strong suit. I interrupted him and told him to put a name in an envelope, seal it, and hand it to me. He did. I quickly began telling him all sorts of personal details about the person in the envelope, and I made several predictions that were later verified.

Then what happened?
From then on, he was my greatest champion, and very soon I was being passed around as a test subject to various research programs. Word got around. I developed a following of sorts—which rather terrified me. I soon decided I would stick to predicting for businesses. That way, if I turned out to be psychotic and not psychic, I was pretty sure people would let me know, in no uncertain terms! I came to Intuition through science and not through spirituality, and that is where I have remained. Life is hard enough without overcomplicating it with a lot of “philosophical” theorizing. I like things that are evidence-based. You do A, and B happens. You can prove or disprove it. That is how I teach and practice intuition and healing. I make my living predicting the future for companies, but I have gotten a bit kinkier in my old age, and I have seen the power of ritual and group healing. So I now integrate those things into my community work and teaching.

What was your initial reaction when the pandemic hit? Did you know something was coming? 
Although I didn’t predict the pandemic, I did predict the market dip and which companies would thrive. I don’t see what would terrify me—no sane person does. Our subconscious protects us from awareness that would be so overwhelming we wouldn’t be able to function. The world shutting down for over a year would fall into that category. However, without realizing why, I did prepare. For instance, on a whim, months before the pandemic hit, I found myself gathering toilet paper and masks and also my favorite cinnamon chewing gum. The same thing had happened to me before 9/11; I should
have recognized the signs. But you don’t see what you don’t see. So when COVID arrived, I was prepared, not just with sanitary products but also professionally and emotionally. I flew into action, embraced social media and Zoom and
my online community, and we weathered the storm together. We activated one another. People on my newsletter and in my Instagram group wound up bringing complete strangers food and medicine, paying one another’s bills, using intuition to find each other new pandemic-proof professions, and doing healing on body, mind, and spirit. We joined during holidays, and every few hours we had a guest teacher in IG and did what we could to keep the more vulnerable in our community cared for and connected. I am in awe of the generosity that I encountered. I put aside a fund for those in need and ended up with more offers of help than requests.


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Did else did you adapt your intuitive practices?
I had a bi-continental pandemic. I was living in London when the pandemic hit and then came to New York in the late summer. I transitioned my classes to remote learning and ended up, as many did, seeing that I teach more effectively without the distraction of our being physically together. Now we are starting to do meet-ups. Sometimes they are as simple as my having students from my Zoom “boot camp” training come to my home for tea so they can meet each other in the
flesh. My training groups stay together for decades, doing intuitive readings on each other, helping each other connect to resources, and so on. That was not affected by our not having met in person—and, in fact, not having a lot of information about one another helped them do more accurate readings. I made myself a lot more available by phone. I also wrote less and did fewer projects. For me, it was a community pandemic—and, again, I had my husband as my doting prisoner and domestic love slave!

Tell us more about how you embraced social media? 
When the pandemic first hit, I started posting free workshops on Zoom. The day I posted the first one, many more than 1,000 people signed up. I became used to being intimate with a large group, allowing my life to be opened up to the room. I was very touched by people’s support. If I received enough morning emails that indicated people were freaking out, I would just turn on IG Live while I was making coffee, and we would all ‘chat’ and read one another and focus on what we could still do amid the storm. I was grateful for my good nightgown selections, although I may have scared some people with my lack of make-up and my Cousin It hair.

Beyond fancy nightgowns, what’s your usual fashion sense?
When you think of a psychic, you probably think more peasant dresses and Earth shoes and less Agnes B. That is just not who I have ever been. Even my activewear is formal, and I was like that at five-years-old! I remember that we had a closet full of smocked dresses in pink, yellow, and powder blue. I found the one black-and-lace velvet dress in the closet, and that was my partywear. I knew, even then, that I wasn’t a pastel kind of girl. Psychic wear is supposed to be pure, natural, and easy. I like structured, with sadistically small buttons and slightly wicked underneath. My clients are mostly from business,
medicine, and entertainment, so that fit. I would have been in trouble if I wanted to [dress] like a Guru. I think clothing needs to set the stage, be your calling card for life. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune. I love thrift finds, and I live on hand-me-downs, but what you wear has to be a clear statement, or else you spend too much time explaining. If you want to flirt, dress flirty. If you want to say spiritual, go filmy and light.

What’s your go-to outfit?
As much as I love puffy, complicated dresses—I could spend my life in tutus—I look best in spare, tailored, form-fitting fashion. I love Prada, and it streamlines everything I wear with it. Quince is beautiful and reasonable, and I also get so many hand-me-downs—a bonus from working with actors!—that I always get them altered to fit.

Laura Day (Courtesy)

We know you love your statement earrings too…
I have a narrow, 2×2 face, and big earrings give it some breadth and make me feel decorative. Other than that, I wear my wedding ring and, to represent my son, I wear a sun designed by Alexandra Jefford around my neck. Everything else I lose. I knew my husband was going to propose when I saw engagement rings on his computer screen. I made it clear to him that I don’t want any more jewelry to insure, and in exchange he needed to make the bed every day—a task I despise. He did cheat by getting me a few pairs of great earrings, and I did beg Alexandra to make me the sun I wear, but other than those pieces I adore, I keep it simple.

Outside of Prada, what are some other favorite brands?
I am not creative with my clothing, but I have worked as an intuitive with many designers, and in return they have picked pieces for me that look good. My husband likes to see bust, and for this, at my age, I am grateful, so I try to accommodate him. I have two amazing men at Prada Broadway in New York who make funny throat noises when I pick something that isn’t quite right. Also, I shop my closet a lot. I’ve lived in Italy on and off for most of my life, and I have some beautiful clothing from 40 years ago that I still wear. My closet is now vintage. I have some Dolce which I bought when they first had a line! I also find some amazing pieces at Target and Uniqlo. I want to have fun with my clothing, but most of it lives in a suitcase, so anything that can’t be steamed gets given away. I was saving all my vintage clothes for my future grandchildren before realizing that they will be my size only when they are 10-years-old, at which point they won’t want my five-inch heels and tiny 1980s mini-dresses…so now I find tiny people and give them away!

How have you seen the role of a psychic change since you started out 40+ years ago? 
I didn’t know the term “psychic” when I was first discovered. When I emerged from the scientific community, what I learned about psychics was something I didn’t identify with at all. Psychics were people who lived in fourth-floor walkups, smelling of cat pee and chain-smoking Marlboro lights! I’ll admit I did that last one for years, and I did have cats,
which seemed mandatory. But I was not ‘spiritual’; I ate meat, thought crystals were something you served wine in, and insisted on proof for everything I did and everything done for me. I didn’t like the spiritual speculation I heard everywhere. I was trained on evidence-based protocols, and that’s what I practiced. I didn’t advertise what I did, but when people found out about me, I got a fair amount of [people saying] ‘Tell me what I am thinking!” at dinner parties. From the beginning, I was fortunate enough to work with mainstream businesses and in medicine, entertainment, and politics, but many talented psychics were relegated to the fringes because of their odd presentation. Now many big companies use psychics/intuitives. I’ve worked for designers, telling them what would be in fashion a year from now. Laying on of hands (psychic healing) and
intuitive diagnosis can now be taught to medical professionals and is demanded by patients. I always teach my students to work with licensed professionals, so that when they predict a move in the financial markets, they are not doing it for civilians who can be injured if they are wrong, but rather for billion-dollar funds where they are not the only voice; though often they are a very helpful one. By now we’ve developed 60 years of parapsychological research.

Laura Day (Courtesy)

How are intuitives useful in the medical world?
We can see, for example, that the human brain will react to a randomly generated computer image before the image is generated or seen, which is very convincing evidence of precognition. We can now measure how a person’s heart rate and brain waves react when someone at a distance thinks of them, thus demonstrating that telepathy, mind-to-mind communication, is happening all the time. Remote viewing, the ability to describe a location never seen, has been extensively researched and verified. It is no longer a matter of speculation. Anyone who wants to look at the evidence can discover that these abilities exist in us all. So now we are not trying to prove them so much as exploit them to make better decisions and have more productive lives. Today, we have an open field for the trained, evidence-based intuitive. Spirituality is a multi-billion-dollar business, so even those intuitives who are not ‘accuracy trained’ have experienced a surge. It is a very creative field, because you can apply intuition to anything.

Where do you see psychic or intuition-related careers going in the future?
I see intuitives being tested, as I continuously test all the intuitives I train, and, when they hit a certain level of accuracy, being part of every sector of our economy. It is already happening. I train intuitives to work in all fields, and I also train companies and professionals to integrate intuition into their practices. A CEO who can accurately predict the future is likely to be a very competent leader. When staff are empowered to reveal what they ‘know’—even if it cannot be ‘known’—companies get invaluable information. We underestimate and underutilize people we don’t consider high enough on the totem pole, but everyone is intuitive, and intuition is a great equalizer. The person sitting next to you on the subway can give you the answer you are searching for!


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What advice would you personally give to people who have gone through a tough time since the pandemic? 
Look for what you can accomplish right now. Have a goal to organize your energy around. Stay in the present. We spend most of our time in the past or future or in emotional speculation. When your attention is in the present, in your five senses and this moment in time, your intuition will sense the future and prepare for it in the present, where your ability to make change resides. You will recontextualize your past to be functional for you now, and you will get things done. Less speculation, more action! I have ruined my life more times than I can count and always ended up in a better place, because I do what I teach. I set a goal, I deal with the now. I know it is not always fun or pretty, I don’t hide when I have mud on my face, and I am grateful that people still stand with me in spite of it. We are all works in progress. Give yourself a break, while demanding of yourself that you show up for the mundane daily tasks. Miracles are created by mastering the mundane.

What does the future hold for you?
Many people are looking for new careers, and I am doing more trainings for the intuitives of the future. I am expanding my social media communities, where people read and heal each other for free and where many of the professional intuitives I train give free readings. I am editing a book, and all my books are textbooks to train people for professions in intuition. When I have a new book, it is always the textbook for future generations of teachers, so I am so excited to put it into the world. I am again moving to London for a year for my husband’s TV work, so it will be fun to be on that side of the pond. Life is good!

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