Astrology Queen Susan Miller Dishes On What 2021 Will Look Like—And What We’ll Be Wearing!

by The Daily Front Row

Susan Miller is the grande dame of astrology, and when she talks, people take note. The New York City-based astrologer, the force behind the ever-popular Astrology Zone, sat down with designer Brandon Maxwell for an installment in his B Spoke YouTube series. On the agenda? A glimpse at what to expect for the new year, as outlined by the cosmos, and what the planets spell out for incoming fashion trends….

You give such great analogies and metaphors, and you can kind of always put it right into perspective for us. I feel like so many people read your work, but has there ever been a more important year to read Susan Miller’s work than 2020?
The millennials are feeling bad because they hadn’t put dating first, and now they feel they’re going to lose the time to meet someone special. But it’s only a year. See, Jupiter and Pluto have caused this. I did not see it coming. When Jupiter and Pluto come together every 13 years—not very often—they sit down and they have dinner and they decide what they’re going to do. Well, Jupiter must have been having too much wine because he was saying to Pluto, ‘Wow, I’m so excited to see you. What can I do for you? Let’s do something!’ And Pluto said, ‘Well, the universe gave me this virus. Will you help me spread it?’ Jupiter is the great expander—anything he touches gets bigger. Well, usually it’s money, but this time it was a virus. There’s a book that we all have, if you’re astrologers, and it’s almost like a dictionary. And you look up ‘virus’ or ‘bacteria’ and it says Pluto rules it, so now you look and see what Pluto’s doing. Jupiter-Pluto is usually something we look forward to. Bill Gates was born in a Jupiter-Pluto time, so was Robert De Niro, Warren Buffet, Britney Spears. A lot of successful people are born in that 13-year period, but you have to be born within a few days of Jupiter-Pluto. They met on April 4, and you know how bad it was in New York on April 4. But it was also bad in Europe, especially Italy. Now, you can start feeling an aspect like this about a month/three weeks before it actually hits because Pluto moves like a little snail. He takes 248 years to go around the sun, and Jupiter takes 12 years, so it’s really hard to get them together. Well, they were meeting again on June 30, but they were retrograde. So, I thought, ‘Maybe they lose some of their power.’ Well, they were still pretty strong because, at the end of June and all through July, the sun belt in the United States was having a devil of a time—Florida, Arizona, Texas, all the way up to California. But so was Brazil and India, and so was Russia. Well, they met one more time. When they met, they met on November 12, and I was worried about that because November 12 they were strong again. And, mama mia, have we had problems since November. And, you know, Pluto rules death. And what do we hear on the news? The death numbers every day. Now, the good news is, on November 12, they had their final dinner. They said, ‘My friend, I’m not going to see you for 13 years. I’m going to miss you. We’ll meet again.’ So they started to separate. They won’t be eight degrees apart—that’s the absolute minimum—until Christmas.

So tell us all about 2020, Susan. Tell us all about it.

Oh, 2021! I keep doing that, sorry! Let’s leave her in the dust.
The interesting part is that they’ll be really far apart by January 12, so if we don’t start calming down by Christmas, we definitely will be by January 12. We have to get the vaccine. You see, right now, we can’t survey the damage—we’re still in the process of losing restaurants, of losing so many things that we took for granted. But next year, Saturn and Uranus are clanging together to create, actually, birth patterns for a new society. Now, you look at Saturn, and what does Saturn rule? All things valuable from the past. Landmark buildings, beautiful old documents—like our Constitution or Declaration of Independence. Anything old: estate jewelry, or even beautiful fashions by Dior or a new look from the past that you don’t want to throw out, that you want to preserve and save and be inspired by. But then you have Uranus, which is all about the future. And Uranus is saying, ‘Let’s innovate!’ and Saturn is saying, ‘No, let’s preserve!’ This is a good discussion. We’ll have it in our private lives, and we’ll have it in our whole society.

If you had a word or a metaphor for 2021, what do you think it is? Is this a time that’s going to be hopeful? Is it going to be like a lot of people say—the roaring twenties again after everything?
Well, we are going to come to that after all the emphasis on Aquarius coming in. People will be helping people. My next door neighbor said to me he gets food from the city, and I was in shock. He’s very intelligent, always asks for my New York Times and Wall Street Journal when I’m done with them. Now I know I’m going to give him food, too. When I cook food, I’m going to cook enough and knock on his door and give him some. And this is going to be replicated all over America, all over the world. Now, there’s something very big happening this month on December 21. They call it ‘the grand mutation.’ It sounds terrible, but it’s a good thing. Every 20 years, Jupiter meets with Saturn. He was meeting with Pluto this year, but now Saturn. When they meet, they set the tone of the times; the theme. And it depends on the sign they meet in and the element. Over the past 200 years, consistently, they met in Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. Every 20 years the next sign would get a chance at it. And for the first time they’re meeting in Aquarius; a different sign. From now on, they’re going to meet in Aquarius, Libra, Gemini, Aquarius, Libra, Gemini. This is changing everything. There was one aberration. What was that? In 1980, they met in Libra. Whenever the universe is going to do something huge, it gives you little hints. In 1980, they met in Libra, and then in the year 2000, they met in Taurus again—an earth sign. I think it’s the babies born in 1980, plus or minus five years from 1975 to 1985, that are going to lead us into the new era because they’re born with it in their DNA. And this is huge.

What do you think? What do you think the clothes and the music will be like, if you had to guess?
Well, Aquarius is very individualistic, whereas Capricorn likes to wear beautiful fabric and maybe a little traditional, like that great pair of pants and that beautiful cashmere sweater. Aquarius wants to use fabric from NASA and fabric that’s never existed before, in very new and bright colors, whereas Capricorn likes neutrals. You can always get a clue when you look out the window in January when Capricorn is born. What do you see? You see white, you see trees that are chocolate brown without any leaves, you see dark black shadows. That’s why they love neutrals—that’s when they were born. But we’re going into Aquarius, which is more neon, although it does rule as gray. There’s going to be a lot of charity work done, so people are going to be working together in groups. We already saw some of this with the drug companies. The drug companies aren’t competing with each other. We had a crisis, they’re helping each other. We’re working with Britain, we’re working with Germany, we’re sharing information.

So you see us making a shift somewhat into being a more compassionate society?
Much more! And they’re going to live in cities because Aquarius likes to live in cities. Now, I know people have been moving out of New York—not so much in L.A., but here—to be in a bucolic setting. That’s not going to last long. They’re coming back.

You think so? So when is Aquarius?
Aquarius is the end of January, around the 21st, until the 19th of February. Some years, the 19th of February is Pisces. The sun doesn’t roll in at midnight—at the stroke of midnight. It’s sometime during the day. A baby could be born early in the morning and one late at night and they’re both different signs.

This is a big question, so take your time to think about it. Which signs do you think will have the best 2021?
I think the air signs. Anybody listening to this should definitely read Aquarius because I lay out the whole year. It’s 6,749 words, but it lays out the year in such detail that you don’t have to be an Aquarian to understand it or benefit from it. They and Gemini and Libra because Saturn trine sun—or on the sun—gives you such luck and you only get it every four years, so it’s very lucky. But, you know what’s interesting? Everybody has a shot at happiness next year because little Jupiter is moving fast. He’s just this little sprinter, and a fast-moving planet is an effective planet. When they’re slow and tired, it’s not good. In retrograde, it’s even worse. But he’s running through Aquarius and he runs right into Pisces on May 13, which is around Mother’s Day. The universe calls him up on his cell phone and says, ‘Jupiter, where are you? You’re like the runner that hit a home run and went to first base, second base, third base, home, and then kept running to first base. You didn’t finish your work with Aquarius.’ ‘I didn’t?’ ‘Come back.’ But in the summer—or the spring, I should say, in the northern hemisphere countries—from May 13 until July 28, it’s fantastic for the water and earth signs. If you’re an earth sign, you’re going to have it all because, you know, when it’s in Aquarius, the fire people do well. Air and fire—air makes fire burn more brightly.

OK, so what are the signs? What are the earth signs?
Earth is Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Water is Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio. Now, most of the year is going to be air, and so the fire signs will do well. Air is Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. The fire gets along well with air. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are fire.

We’ve been in kind of a dark, selfish, take-everything, get-as-many-likes-as-possible, everything-for-me vibe for a while. I always think about this in my mind—you know those Disney movies where the kingdom or whatever has grown over with grass and there’s no more sun and it’s all dark. And then, on one bright day, all the flowers start to bloom again and the light comes out and it rains. Do you think it’s going to be like that?
Yes! I think we’ll be more sensitive to each other. And the clothes we wear—we’re going to go to work, we have to be comfortable. We’re going to be working at home because companies are not going to have people in those big buildings and pay those big rents. They are going to have places where we can work, but I think it will be, like, maybe we can get together once a week. So, companies might share spaces with other people. I don’t know, there’s going to be something different happening, and we have to see how it goes.

As a fashion lover, can you point to anything specifically in 2021 that you think will be reflective of where we’ll be as an industry or where fashion is going?
Well, fashion always reflects Jupiter’s sign. And in Aquarius, it’s leisurewear but with materials that have never been seen before—as if it were on a spaceship. But remember, Jupiter is running into Pisces from the middle of May to the end of July, and Pisces is a valentine. It’s so feminine—just like, I think, the roaring twenties were very feminine. Do you agree? I think they were.


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Yeah, for sure.
And the sparkle because of the little fish; the gills sparkle under the water, you know? So the sparkles and the eveningwear—that’s where you’re going to see people just really embracing it because they’ll get to go out. You know, whatever’s been taken away from you, you really appreciate when it comes back.

For sure. So, the Dior new look came out of the war. I know this is not a war, it’s something similar. Again, I know you’re not psychic, but if you had to think of an item or something that—based on what you’ve seen in the charts so far—you think will define the period after this, what do you think it would be?
Because Jupiter’s going into two signs, the leisurewear we wear at home is going to be new fabrics that we don’t even know about yet, but new, new, new, new, new. I see very luminous silks. There’s a subtle shine to them. When Jupiter goes into Pisces from middle of May to end of July, I don’t see people going out as much. Now, that period of Jupiter and Pisces comes again in 2022, so that’s just a little peak of what’s coming.

Which is supposed to be the year we’re really back, right?
Yeah. In 2021, Aquarius, even the makeup is all new textures and new approaches and very individualistic. I know that’s been a trend for a long time, you know, making it particularly yours. But it’s coming again, bigger.

OK, well you heard it here first! Susan, I really cannot thank you enough for doing this. You have answered all the questions I’ve wanted to know.
I had so much fun!

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