Editor’s Pick: The Moon Book – Lunar Magic to Change Your Life

by Alex Dickerson

What: Anyone else in dire need of a guidebook for how to navigate into 2021? Meet your new best friend, The Moon Book. As this (*insert expletive here*) year comes to an end, there’s seriously no better time to brush up on your astrology and look to the moon to see what the future holds. Touted as a guide to conscious living through the moon and her phases—and incorporating wellness rituals, spellwork, and witchcraft for the modern seeker in the process—The Moon Book is an original mix of self-guidance centered around the moon.

Ps. Want tips on how to avoid the dark side of the new age (enough of the ‘love and light’ BS, amirite??), how to break the disruption of social media on our emotions, and how the moon can help, and ways to get over the dreaded spiritual bypassing using lunar insights?  Then this book’s for you. Oh, and it looks chic AF on your coffee table.

Who: Accomplished lunar expert and writer Sarah Faith Gottesdiener shares her unique method of working with the moon with the world. Think: a clever mix of lunar magic, witchcraft, science, self-development, healing, tarot pulls, rituals and spells, all designed to create an alchemical process that will help the reader connect with themselves. For over ten years Sarah has provided guidance for tens of thousands of clients and students in her practice as a psychic tarot reader, a teacher of magic and feminist self-help and through her cult class Many Moons Workbooks.


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Why: ICYMI today marks a major astrological moment with the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Welcome to the Age of Aquarius friends! Plus, while we can all agree that the pandemic has brought about time for self-reflection and seeking ways to live more holistically, some of us still need some help from the experts to really lean into living our best new lives in the new age.

Where: themoonbook.com
*The Moon Book is available on Amazon, meaning you can still get it in time for Christmas!

How Much: $17

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