Rossano Ferretti Might Be The World’s Most Luxurious Hairdresser

by Dena Silver

In any given luxury capital of the world, the likelihood of stumbling across a Rossano Ferretti salon is pretty great. From New York to Beijing, Beverly Hills to Milan, Mumbai and Madrid, each of the 20 salons that are branded with the Rossano Ferretti name comes courtesy with a glossy and luxurious experience, in addition to a stellar hair cut. Seeing as hair is a family business (Ferretti’s grandfather was a barber and his mother had a salon in his hometown of Parma, Italy), this esteemed stylist is serious about his work. So serious that he developed The Method, a personalized way of approaching hair, which gives each client a totally bespoke trim or chop.

And while Ferretti won’t disclose the names of his A-list clientele, a simple Google search unveils that Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate and Pippa Middleton, Salma Hayek, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, and Kate Moss trust him with their tresses. We see that he’s also styled the hair of iconic designers including Giorgio Armani and the late Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior. A session with Rossano will set you back $1,500, but a cut with creative director Jan Spagnuolo at the New York salon, located at 595 Madison Avenue, comes with a much more attainable $250 price tag. The international beauty legend filled us in on how he’s built his global empire…

We’ve heard so much about The Method. What is it?
I created The Method or Il Metodo to function as an invisible haircut that allows the hair to fall with natural movement in a way that’s specific to the individual. Rather than creating chopped hair or evident layers, The Method offers a highly bespoke experience that takes into consideration not only the hair, but also the personality, lifestyle, and body of each woman to maximize her natural beauty. Although it requires a particular, and refined skill set, The Method is more of a philosophy and lifestyle approach than it is mere a haircutting technique.

How long does it take for each of your stylists to learn The Method?
Each of our top stylists spends a minimum of three to six months training in my hometown of Parma, Italy, at the Rossano Ferretti academy with my sister and creative director, Lorenza Ferretti. Through training our stylists in Parma, we’re able to teach them our signature techniques while simultaneously immersing them in the culture and history of our brand.

Your salons can only be found in upscale spots around the globe. How do you choose these locations?
Our locations are carefully chosen to ensure clients receive a five-star experience from the very moment they enter the salon. That being said, we strive to position our salons in buildings that are beautiful, have strong historical ties, and perpetuate our appreciation for art, architecture, design, fashion, and the culinary arts, as well as for the overall notion of refinement that we value within our brand. Truthfully, I turn away projects and proposals more often than not. I need to ensure that each of my locations offers the same boutique feeling and level of excellence, no matter where in the world they might be.

So where in the world will the next Rossano Ferretti salon be?
We’re currently in the process of opening one of our most exclusive salons in the Peninsula in Shanghai, as well as a salon inside the Claridge Hotel in Delhi, India. Over the next two years we’ll be developing projects in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Instanbul and San Paolo as well.

What are some important interior design features in your salons?
Over 20 years ago we decided to transform the concept of a traditional salon to offer a more destination and lifestyle-oriented experience. We create intimate atmospheres in our salon that encourage our clients to feel as though they have been invited into our home as guests. Each interior design feature we incorporate is meant to maximize comfort and make our clients feel at ease. In addition to the essential coulor table, and consultation area, we offer a library, a café area, as well as a privé to ensure privacy for our discrete clientele.

What major differences do you see in hairstyles from around the globe?
There aren’t as many major differences in hairstyles around the world as there were about 15 years ago. Back then, hairstyles varied from country to country, but today everyone just wants to look effortlessly beautiful and take care of their hair in damage-free way.

And one of your newest locations is in London. Tell us about that space!
Although I cherish the nearly three years we spent at our first London location, I wanted to move to a more intimate and boutique-feeling salon that spoke to the true essence of the Rossano Ferretti brand. When I first saw the historic wine vaults, I instantly fell in love. With a captivating entrance way that leads to an overall gorgeous and enchanting space – I couldn’t resist making the space our new London home.

You’ve tapped GQ‘s barber of choice to join the salon. How does his approach to cutting hair fit in with your ethos?
Carmelo Guastella is the first barber we’ve had in any of our global salons. He really knows his business, and provides clients with the same bespoke experiences that we value here at Rossano Ferretti. Not to mention, Carmelo comes from Sicily, and that’s where all the best barbers are from.

And we hear you’ve done a bit of runway work too. What was the most memorable show you styled hair for?
A benefit show in Lisbon for Yves Saint Laurent, that took place right before he passed away. The audience was composed of nobility from all across Europe, who expressed a true appreciation for the quality and refined beauty demonstrated through the collections. I was thrilled for the opportunity to work alongside Yves Saint Laurent.

Do runway hairstyles ever inspire your work?
No, it wouldn’t make sense to draw inspiration from a hairstyle I see on the runway. Runway hair is supposed to be subdued and essentially unnoticeable, drawing attention to the beauty of the clothing rather than of the individual. In contrast, my haircuts are designed to maximize a woman’s unique beauty, making her natural look much more alluring than anything she might choose to wear.

What do you think about hair trends?
They don’t exist. There’s no one trend that would look good on every woman. Only a few people can pull off styles such as dyed grey hair, or short bangs. We recognize that beauty cannot be standardized. The Method revolutionized the perception of hair by understanding that each woman’s hair falls differently and therefore must be cut differently.

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