A Moment With Designer Mary Alice Haney

by Zachary Weiss

Superstar stylist and newfound designer Mary Alice Haney counts many of Hollywood’s biggest names as close personal friends, Reese Witherspoon in particular. The Daily stole a moment with Mademoiselle Haney to get an inside look at her must-have eponymous line.

You went from stylist to designer. Was that an easy transition?
The transition was very easy. As a stylist, I was constantly designing entire looks for my clients and making tweaks and changes depending on their style and body type. I think being a stylist first has been a huge help in designing my own collection. I know where a cut-out should hit the mid section, or where a sleeve length is the most flattering. Haney is all about making a woman feel sexy, and I do that by making sure the fit and fabrics serve to flatter the body.

What are some essential items every girl should have from Haney?
Everyone should own a little black dress. The sexy black dress is our signature look. I design a few great options in each collection.

Are you over the celebrity game? Or is it still a cornerstone of your business?
I spent so much of my career as a West Coast fashion editor and then celebrity stylist working with the A-list talent of Hollywood. Now, with Haney, we have so many celebrity fans and clients that I’m grateful. Haney is a Los Angeles brand. It is designed and made entirely in Los Angeles, so old and new Hollywood is a huge part of the brand.

What makes designing and producing in LA different from any other city in your opinion?
Los Angeles is booming. The creative industries of the movie and art world make it such an inspiring place to design. Downtown LA, where we produce the collection, has become so incredible. The creative youth of the city mixed with the wonderful classic architecture from when the city was formed is so fun to be around. I’m also so blessed to work with amazing Los Angeles-based photographers. We have used the incredible Coliena Rentmeester and Doug Inglish on past photo shoots. They understand the laidback glamour of Los Angeles that I’m trying to convey in each collection.

Where are you drawing inspiration from for the next season?
We are a true LA brand and you will be able to see Los Angeles in everything from the designs to the photo shoots to our social media campaign:  #ThisisHANEY #ThisisLA. I want to give my customer a little of our Los Angeles magic when they put on a Haney piece.

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