Rihanna Burned Charlize Theron and It Was Adorable

by Charles Manning

Charlize Theron was on Late Night With Seth Meyers last night promoting her latest film, Long Shot, when talk turned, as it so often does in casual conversations, to Rihanna. Turns out, Theron and Rihanna share a publicist, Amanda Silverman, who is not afraid to play favorites with her A-List clients. And as you can probably guess, between Riri and Theron, the favorite is pretty clear.

“It’s tough,” said Theron. “I mean, you want your publicist to like you… [but] it’s hard when [their] other client is someone like Rihanna.” Truth.

Apparently, Theron’s publicist always sends her a little text message greeting on her birthday. This past year, the message she received said something like “Happiest bday” and that was it. Meanwhile, when Rihanna had her birthday, Silverman sent her a text that said “To my FAVORITE!!!! I hope you are having a blast.”

Theron knows this because Rihanna had the text printed on a T-shirt and sent to Charlize as a “gift.” Rihanna also included her response to Silverman, which read “I’m putting this email on a T-shirt and sending to Charlize! [laugh-cry emoji].” Rihanna certainly is a woman of her word!

Check out the video below to hear the entire story in Charlize’s own words. It really is pretty adorable. Savage, but adorable.

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