Riding the Western Wave into Soho House Austin with CITY Boots and Hunter Bell

The Daily's Editor-at-Large, Elizabeth Kurpis, along with Lizzy Bentley and Hunter Bell, hosted a fashion panel for Austin's elite and up-and-coming entrepreneurs

by The Daily Front Row

Yee-haw! With the Western cowboy aesthetic breathing new life into everyday fashion from New York to LA (in no small part due to the Queen herself, Ms. Beyonce “Cowboy Carter”), it seems there is no better time for the Daily Front Row Editor-at-Large, Elizabeth Kurpis, to gallop into town to moderate an exclusive fashion panel at Soho House Austin. The event was a celebration of creativity and entrepreneurship of Texas-based fashion brands, featuring two powerhouse women who have made significant marks in the industry: Hunter Bell, the visionary behind the popular womenswear brand Hunter Bell, and Lizzy Bentley, the founder of beloved luxury boot brand CITY Boots, who opened her first Austin location for the brand just days before the event.

Hunter Bell, Lizzy Bentley, Elizabeth Kurpis

As guests arrived, they were treated to an exclusive first look at the upcoming collections from both Hunter Bell and CITY Boots. The atmosphere buzzed as fashion enthusiasts mingled and admired the newest designs on display. CITY Boots made a Texas-sized impression with their just launched Austin Collection, a tribute to the vibrant spirit of the city, and also offered a tantalizing preview of their Fall 2024 styles. Meanwhile, Hunter Bell captivated with her Pre-Fall 2024 collection, set to launch just days later. The collections showcased the unique creativity and craftsmanship that both brands are renowned for, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening.

Hunter Bell Pre-Fall 2024

CITY Boots Austin Collection

The panel discussion that followed was a treasure trove of insights and inspiration. Both Hunter and Lizzy shared their respective experiences of launching and growing their brands, offering advice to aspiring entrepreneurs in the audience. Hunter Bell, known for her contemporary and feminine designs, spoke passionately about the importance of staying true to one’s vision.

Lizzy Bentley brought her own brand of wisdom to the table. Her luxury boot brand, CITY Boots, has become synonymous with quality and a new take on western fashion, reflecting her deep-rooted passion for craftsmanship and design. Lizzy’s narrative was a testament to the importance of understanding one’s market and the role of personal connection in building a loyal customer base.

The discussion also touched upon the evolving landscape of the fashion industry, the role of digital media in brand building, and the importance of community and collaboration. The emphasis on building a supportive community, both within the industry and among consumers, was a recurring theme, underscoring the collaborative spirit that has been integral to their success.

The event included numerous VIP guests dressed in the brands’ latest collections, adding an extra layer of glamour to the evening. Among the notable attendees were Bachelor alum Kaity Biggar, actresses Christy Carlson Romano and Leven Rambin, country music artist Josh Abbott, artist Erin Donahue Tice, Amber Diamond, Erin O’Leary, Melissa Reidhead, and Houston socials, Amber Elliott and Tara Martin.

Images: Jasmine Porter

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