Atelier Beauté Is Williamsburg’s Best Kept Secret

by Eddie Roche

What’s the best kept secret in Williamsburg? The Deluxe Atelier facial at Atelier Beauté has our vote. The facial uses Biologique Recherche products for an instant lift and healthy glow. We talked with Atelier Beauté co-founder’s Darya Rzaca and Aneta Zuraw to get the 411 and even sent our very own Sophie Sumner to BK to get one! 

How did you two meet, and what’s your working dynamic like?
Aneta Zuraw: We met 14 years ago and became friends instantly—same vibe, same humor, and similar views on life. Opening up Atelier Beauté was the first time we worked side by side. However, by working together we create a dynamic that is backed by shared goals, seamless communication, and most importantly, trust. We fill in each other’s gaps and foster a supportive work environment for the whole team. Friendship just adds an extra layer of pleasure to our professional journey.

What are the most popular services at Atelier Beauté?
Darya Rzaca: By far, the most popular treatment at Atelier is our signature Bespoke Facial. This is the Biologique Recherche protocol facial that utilizes a hypercustomized approach to each client. Although the target of the facial is to “reverse the clock,” we make use of various techniques to reinforce the skin’s natural renewing capabilities. This includes the use of Biologique Recherche boosters, which are targeted treatments to address a specific goal, whether that be increased radiance, reduction of fine lines, or visibly lift the skin. The unique thing about those boosters is that each one has its own way of application on the skin and its own hand movement. The popularity stems from the fact that no two facials will be alike, as everyone’s facial gets customized to their specific needs, so although some features are standard, boosters, masks, serums, and targeted treatments vary by client.

Sophie Sumner

What are the benefits of the facial that Sophie received?
Rzaca: I chose Deluxe Atelier Facial for Sophie, which implements Biologique Recherche and Valmont products. This particular facial provides a healthy glow and instant lift at the same time using specific massage movements and microcurrent stimulation. Her skin needed a little nourishment, and we wanted to achieve that while we can take care of facial muscles in the meantime. The Deluxe Atelier Facial is a good facial to achieve your red carpet glow with a lift in one hour and feel amazing for another week after.

What products did Darya use?
Rzaca: I’ve used some of my personal favorite products to help Sophie achieve glowy, dewy skin. These products include Valmont’s Prime Renewing Pack. This one is a bridal favorite because it relaxes the skin and immediately reveals a smooth healthy complexion. It’s as if you got a full night of sleep! We paired that with the Masque Caviar Vert, a plumping biocellulose mask that erases early signs of aging and provides the effect of a “second skin.” Additionally, Patchs Défatigants were utilized. This is an eye contour mask that reduces puffiness and dark circles around the eye to provide a more rested look for the skin.

You sell a range of products. What are your best sellers, and what do you recommend?
Zuraw: Our best sellers are from the Biologique Recherche line, which is a French skincare line devoted to a holistic approach to skincare. Our most popular product is the Lotion P50 line, which is a toner to balance the pH of the skin after a cleanse, so your skin is ready to take in all the benefits of the following products that are about to be applied on the skin. There are different variants selected for your needs, such as pigmentation, acne, or vitality. This toner exfoliates, cleanses, and purifies the epidermis to allow for better product penetration. There’s a reason it’s called “facial in a bottle.” Another great one is the Crème Biofixine, which is a cream that mimics Botox in a way. It’s made with Myorelax Peptides to erase fine lines and relax muscles before they can even develop into wrinkles. This product pairs great with the Elastine Serum, which stimulates elastine synthesis. It tightens skin to help visibly anti-age it.

What other products do you use?
Zuraw: Aside from Biologique Recherche, we work with other great brands, such as Environ Skin Care. This brand combines science and technology to bring forth your healthiest and most youthful-looking skin. One of their main ingredients is vitamin A, hence where their most popular C-Quence system comes from. This is a step-up system designed to introduce vitamin A to your skin in a nonoverwhelming fashion. As your skin’s tolerance increases, you add more vitamin A, which works to anti-age your skin.

What are the benefits of getting facials regularly?
Rzaca: Regular facials undoubtedly benefit the skin, especially long-term. Your skin is the most exposed organ of your body, and we’re constantly putting various stressors on it, including pollution, wind, and sun exposure, plus our genes and lifestyle add to it. By getting a facial, we can exfoliate the outer layer of damaged skin and help regenerate the skin cells by deeply cleansing them, reviving them, and making them more resilient. Not to mention that they’re an excellent way to relax and clear your mind.

We know you’re located in Williamsburg, but your clients come from all over the city. What keeps bringing them back?
Zuraw: Sometimes I myself am shocked that someone traveled from a different part of the city. I think it’s because we’re trying to make our clients feel like they’re always in good hands, from beginning to the end. We show that we truly care about them and the results.

“Darya [Atelier Beauté cofounder] was super lovely and knowledgeable.” Sophe Sumner told us after her treatement. “She and Aneta [Atelier Beauté co-founder] have been best friends for 14 years, and it’s a warm and family-like feeling there. She walked me through everything. One of my favorite parts was that there was a mirror above me, so I could see what they were doing. She explained the science of it, so I knew what was happening.

Sophie Sumner glowing after her facial

Atelier Beauté

428 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Photos: Sofia Belhouari



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