Hypebeasts, Rejoice! Reebok And Maison Margiela Just Created A Tabi Sneaker

by Aaron Royce

What better way to kick off the new year (…literally) than with new sneakers! Especially if they’re fashion archive gold? This seems to be the premise behind Maison Margiela’s new Classic Leather Tabi sneaker, the latest installment in its ongoing collaboration with Reebok. We know these are gonna be a major hit, not least because we already spotted them on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram Stories.

The newly-unveiled Classic Leather Tabis combine the rich footwear history behind both brands. Margiela’s Tabi, of course, barely requires an introduction, as the cult-favorite style has been worn by everyone from Rihanna to Cody Fern. The split-toe technique, which Margiela first debuted in 1988, has since been seen in all footwear types, from boots to ballet flats, since John Galliano revived the design a couple of years ago.


Meanwhile, Reebok’s Classic Leather sneakers have been in rotation at the brand since 1983. They’re regarded as American classics, due to their slightly elevated heel and cleat-like rubber outsole. Put simply: one shoe is an athletic staple, and one is an avant-garde icon—and now they’re merged into the ultimate hybrid sneaker.

Naturally, merging signature shoes from opposite ends of the fashion spectrum was no small feat. Margiela’s Tabi toe is completely unique to the brand in terms of technique and craftsmanship—and so the sneaker had to be completely reconstructed to accommodate it.


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Each shoe is also hand-painted with Margiela’s signature ‘Bianchetto’ technique. Bianchetto occurs when leather shoes are given a white coating that intentionally chips with wear, providing them with an entirely unique, handcrafted look. The technique has been seen before on Margiela’s Tabi boots and a range of the brand’s small leather goods, but this version gives it an entirely new vibe that’s both edgy and retro.

Like sneaker fanatics everywhere, we’re already itching to get our hands on a pair! Sadly, like the rest of the world, we’ll have to wait until they drop on January 30. In the meantime, we’re dreaming of all the outfits we’ll wear with them. Your move, Kim!

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