Moncler’s New Sustainable Jacket Line Has Arrived

by Aaron Royce

Moncler is going green! The ski-wear brand’s sustainable Born to Protect outerwear has just launched this week, and it’s perfect for the chilly weather we’re encountering right now (or, you know, a possible future trip to the Alps!).

Unlike most fashion collections, the Born to Protect outerwear is only available in one color: black. This strictly comes from the idea that—similarly to sustainability itself—these pieces should be for everyone. Indeed, no matter your gender or style, there’s a jacket that’s sure to fit your needs and lifestyle.

The men’s jackets include the long Nicalse, shorter Gaite, and multi-functional Dabos (which features a detachable hood and sleeves). Women’s styles feature the quilted Teremba, slimline Lemenez, and all-purpose Gatope jackets. There are even options for kids: the Lemenez and Gaite jackets are available in mini sizes, while babies can wear the mini Hasan style.

All pieces are extremely versatile (after all, what’s more versatile than all-black?!) and embellished with Moncler’s Born to Protect logo. Of course, as fashion is all in the details, the lining features depictions of the brand’s feathered mascot, Monduck.

The men’s Gaite jacket from the Born to Protect collection (courtesy)

However, this line isn’t just about fashion—it’s also about the environment. Aside from Moncler’s signature down, all of the Born to Protect materials are fairly sourced and recycled. Most notably, the jackets are each created with Econyl nylon, which is crafted from re-used ocean/land-based waste. Even the packaging is eco-friendly, composed of recycled paper sourced from responsibly-managed forests.

The Born to Protect ‘Teremba’ women’s jacket (courtesy)

Born to Protect is also tied to Moncler’s recent sustainability commitment plan of the same name. The project aims to significantly reduce the brand’s carbon footprint, specifically through goals like only using electricity from renewable sources and having all operations become carbon neutral within the next several years.

You can shop the Born to Protect collection now at

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