Reebok and Adidas Actually Collaborated With Each Other and the Results Are Pretty Cool

by Charles Manning

I never thought I would see this day. I mean, it’s one thing for a major sportswear brand to collaborate with a celebrity or fashion designer, but it is quite another for them to collaborate with a direct competitor. Yet that is exactly what Adidas and Reebok have done, creating a shoe that combines Reebok’s iconic “pump” tech with Adidas’ super-comfy Boost foam sole. The result is the the Instapump Fury Boost™ sneaker and it’s pretty cool.

Instapump Fury Boost™ “Prototype”

The new shoes start dropping in Japan later this month and will be available worldwide in November and December. The Instapump Fury Boost™ “Prototype”  (above) will be available exclusively at atmosCon Japan on October 5, limited to 50 pairs only, with a wider APAC release on October 11 and global release on November 15. The “OG Meets OG” color pack and “Black & White” color pack will be available globally at select locations November 22 and December 6, respectively.

Winter-weather-friendly, the shoes are not, as they have multiple cutouts, but since when do sneaker heads care about such mundane things? The shoes look cool and it is unlikely that a collaboration like this will be coming around again any time soon. After all, it’s not like Nike would ever deign to collaborate with a competitor, although they totally should. Why not? Competition is all well and good, but collaboration and cooperation yield their own rewards, and, as it turns out, some pretty boss kicks.

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