Rebecca Taylor, Girl About Town

by Eddie Roche

For most Shelter Island residents, an afternoon trip to Sag Harbor is an essential activity. Designer Rebecca Taylor boarded the ferry and invited The Daily Summer along to check out her favorite spots in town. Are you ready for a history lesson?

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To The Streets!
“I’m fascinated by little villages. I’ve always been interested in the immigrants and early settlers. New Zealand [Taylor’s native country] was settled like that not long ago. When I first came here it felt like home. I hadn’t even been to the Hamptons when I bought my place on Shelter Island. I came out in the winter first and just as we were riding across on the ferry the most magical snow started and deer ran across the street and we knew we were home. We bought a house that week. It was the only house that we looked at!”

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Cavaniola’s Gourmet
(Cheese Shop), 89 Division St.
“I like to discover the backstreets—it always pays to go off the beaten track. Today, I brought some local grapes, a baguette, prosciutto, goat cheese, pasta, and a little cake. I’m not much of a cook, but I have high hopes. This is the summer of cooking. It’s so soulless going to restaurants all the time, and it gets to be so expensive. I’d rather go to a wine store and spend $150 on two amazing bottles of wine.”

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Cavaniola’s Cellar
(Liquor Store) 89 Division St.
“As far as they know, this is the oldest freestanding building in continuous use in the village. It was built in 1790 and used as a barracks for American troops during the war of 1812. It’s been a wine store for five years now, and we love the selection.”

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The Christy’s Art Center
3 Madison St.
“This shop has been here for 20 years, but the owners son Max [Eicke] took over five years ago. I love being in places where I’m walking in other people’s footsteps. I love the feeling of history with items having lived other lifetimes. I love going to old castles or anywhere I can feel old souls have been through.”

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43 Madison St.
“My husband [Wayne Pate] is a regular here! I need this cashmere blanket in my life.”

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Marine Park
“We like walking around the area and looking at boats, but we rarely go boating. We took sailing lessons in Antigua during spring break, but we capsized three times and I broke my finger. Now I’m a bit off it.”

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A Walking tour? Maybe next time!
“I’ve never done a self-guided walking tour of Sag Harbor, but now I’m super-interested in doing it. I normally just go to the American Hotel and have a glass of pinot grigio.”

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