7 Reasons to Buy (and Sell) Fashion at Auction

by The Daily Front Row

Looking for a new way to get your designer fix for less? You’re in luck! Barnebys is the world’s leading auction search engine that lets you browse endlessly from hundreds of online fashion-themed auctions, all of them brought to you through a single website. From stylish vintage handbags to the perfect pair of shoes you can’t find in stores, Barnebys has all of your fashion musts in one place. Here’s why you should buy vintage fashion on Barnebys and get your pieces evaluated and sold through Value My Stuff, the appraisal service powered by Barnebys.

(Bukowskis / Barnebys)

1. You can find incredible deals on top designer labels
Have you always wanted an Hermes Birkin bag or Christian Louboutin stilettos? You can find these iconic pieces at auction on Barnebys for much less than the astronomical prices set at the storefronts. One of the best-kept secrets to buying fashion at auction is finding outfits that were screen-worn on TV shows or movies. They are often sold at extremely low prices, but boast top designer labels. For example, the bidding started at just $30 for a pair of Gucci pumps worn in House of Cards, and a Dolce & Gabbana suit worn in Creed 2 sold for only $160. Many of the stylish clothes from episodes or movies are just worn in a few scenes, so they in are in excellent condition with prices at a fraction of the retail value.

2. You can name your price
Don’t want to spend over $1000 for a Chanel bag? You don’t have to! On Barnebys, you can set the price range you are willing to pay and then only view items within that range. You never know if you could place the winning bid on handbag or pair of shoes you’ve been coveting if you don’t set your price!

(Bukowskis / Barnebys)

3. You can see all fashion auctions on one site
Searching on Barnebys means seeing auctions around the world in one place. This makes your search process efficient so you can compare prices and styles side by side in an easy search, without wasting time visiting multiple websites and trying to remember the details.

4. You can set search alerts so you never miss a sale or a deal
Barnebys lets you set search alerts for your favorite brands and styles so you know when a sale is happening (and when you should jump in to bid for a steal!) Type in a specific brand like “Yves Saint Laurent” or a particular item such as “pink shoes” and Barnebys will send you an alert when an auction is live.

(Bukowskis / Barnebys)

5. You can sell your pieces easily and quickly
If you need to make room in your closet and fund your next fashion investment, use Value My Stuff’ appraisal service, which is powered by Barnebys, to get your items evaluated and then sold with the appropriate auction house. All you have to do is upload photos and a description of your item to the Barnebys website, and the Barnebys team will reply to you with a valuation within 48 hours. Start the appraisal process now!

6. You know the quality and authenticity is guaranteed
When buying at auction, you never have to worry about getting scammed by an online seller. Auction houses have stringent regulations for consigning items and conduct in-depth authentication processes, so you know the Prada wallet or Louis Vuitton tote you’re getting is real and high quality.

(Bukowskis / Barnebys)

7. You can bid on a wide range of impossible-to-find vintage items
Do you love a certain pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes, but they’re out of production now? Search on Barnebys to find vintage styles that have disappeared from the main stores throughout the years, but are still fabulous. You can dress up your wardrobe with unique looks that can’t be found anywhere else.

If you are buying from the UK, go to Banebys’ UK site.

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