58-Year-Old Supermodel Carol Alt Returns to the Runway

by Eddie Roche

Carol Alt returned to the runway on Monday, closing the Dennis Bass Fall 2019 show in a black velvet off-the-shoulder long-sleeve top and copper-colored satin ball skirt. The Daily caught up with Alt after the show to find out how the heck she manages to remain runway-ready after all these years.

Carol Alt

When was the last time you closed a show?
I really can’t remember. I think it was in Italy. I donated my purse!

What was it like closing this show?
A lot of nostalgia. When you’re out on the runway, you go back to those moments, when you’re wearing amazing clothes and feeling amazing. There’s nothing like it. And you never know when the moment is going to come again.

You were smiling out there!
I can’t help it!

How long have you known Dennis?
He’s been in business since ’78, and I started in ’79.

Dennis Basso, Carol Alt

What do you think of this generation of models?
I know a lot of them—I have a few girlfriends who are young models starting out. You’ve gotta keep them focused on the fact that it’s not going to be forever. One minute, you’re 20. The next, you’re 60!

You’re 58. What’s your secret?
Raw food. I don’t deny it, it’s work at this age!

Alt wasn’t the only supermodel at Basso’s show. Stephanie Seymore was parked front row along with members of her family. 

Carol Alt, Dennis Basso, Stephanie Seymour

How long have you known Dennis?
About 15 years. I love his personality. He’s a really wonderful man. I’ve gotten to know him quite well over the years, and I always try to support him. I love his work — his designs are very fresh and young. He thinks outside the box!

What’s it like to have your whole family out for a fashion show?
It’s so great. All of my kids love going to fashion shows, even my 14-year-old daughter, but my husband didn’t want to take her out of school.

Dennis had his party in Vegas. Do you gamble?
I like blackjack.

Check out Dennis Basso’s entire Fall 2019 collection below.

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