Randi Ball’s Little Black Book Guide To Amagansett

by Nandini Vaid

Meet Randi Ball, Corcoran power agent and loyal Amagansett local. Ball and her husband, Steven, decamped to Amagansett full-time 12 years ago in pursuit of “something new”—and they found it in abundance in the charming beachside town. The mom of two has noticed an influx of city folks and young families making a permanent move Out East in the past year. With that in mind, we called her to find out her go-to hidden gems, which probably won’t remain a secret for much longer!

How do you like to spend your mornings?
I always start my day with some kind of exercise. I appreciate the beauty of Amagansett so much, so one of my favorite things to do is to meet my friends after school drop-off for a long walk. These are my girlfriends whom I met as soon as I moved. They are a big reason why I was, and am, so happy living here.

What made you fall in love with Amagansett, and what should people know?
When we moved here, we were an anomaly, but we were welcomed. Back then, it was unusual to move from Manhattan to Amagansett. But with COVID, there’s been an increase in new families in the area, and it’s no longer strange to live here full-time. This definitely changed my sleepy town, both in season and off season, in many ways. Amagansett might have seemed too far and too boring for most, but now it’s definitely the place to be!

Where will we find you on an average day?
When I’m not running around from town to town showing homes, I stay local. If I’m not at a dinner party with friends, then we often find ourselves at [Mexican restaurant] Coche Comedor. On a perfect summer day, it’s all about The Clam Bar. You want me to share one of my Amagansett secrets? When the lines at Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee are punishing, Cavaniola’s Gourmet Cheese Shop has no lines and pretty great coffee! They also have the best panini sandwiches. These days, Amagansett is not just the town known for the Stephen Talkhouse music venue—but the Talkhouse will always remain our No. 1 treasure.

What other small businesses do you love to support?
For lunch, Amber Waves makes beyond fabulous meals from locally grown ingredients. I can (and do!) spend hours in the spring and summer going from Amber Waves Farm to Balsam Farms. Any real Amagansett girl knows that Vicki’s Veggies fruit and veg stand is a lifesaver, too. I’m in so much awe that I’m even attempting a cut flower and herb garden of my own—another first for this Hamptonite!

Any favorite boutiques in the area?
I support shopping locally, and anyone who knows me knows I love to shop! Ganeaux and Tina the Store get me every time. For bedding, French Presse cannot be beat. But where I have no self-control is the clean beauty store and wellness boutique, Botanica Bazaar. I also like to spend time in my friend Heidi Hume’s new shop, Sunshine. It really does feel like sunshine inside!

What’s a great thing about living in Amagansett full-time?
To be near water in all seasons is a gift. The ocean air is so healing, especially in the dark of winter. I quickly became the poster child for Amagansett and was often asked to speak with families contemplating the big move. To prove my love of this life, I even got two dogs!

Why is Amagansett ideal for families?
I’ve loved raising my boys—who are now 13 and 17—in Amagansett—and they’ve loved it as well. They grew up playing outside, understanding the fundamentals of farming and fishing, and their playground was the beach. They both have the greatest friends; there’s a crazy bond when you go to an elementary school with an average of 12 kids per grade! It’s a known fact that Amagansett kids take care of each other forever. There is an overwhelming sense of pride I feel being a part of this particular community and so do my kids. I’ve always loved the consistency of knowing that each Friday after school, my group of friends and our kids would gather at one house until late in the evening. Life just became so easy and fun!

What drew you to purchasing your home out here?
We’ve lived here full-time for 12 years, but my husband and I originally purchased this property 22 years ago while dating. While it was not my dream home, it was absolutely my dream location. Being from the city, driving was not my forte, so walking proximity to the ocean and being close to a town was super important. I was looking for a low-key beachy vibe, and I only wanted to buy in the dunes. I saw two homes and purchased one my first day out. After we had our first baby, we undertook a huge expansion and renovation with Bates Masi Architects. Now, 15 years later, we’re doing it again with Grayson Jordan and Eleanor Donnelly. I can never move from “my spot”—I tell all my buyers, “Let’s find your spot and stick a flag in it.”

What should people know about the real estate market right now?
This year is proving to be another booming real estate market Out East, and I’m having a great year so far. If you ask me what’s in fashion, I’d say anything goes. We’re becoming more of an eclectic community. The fun part is finding the right fit for each individual, in terms of lifestyle, because each town feels so different. Going through the education process with a new buyer is what I love most. Location means different things to different people. And my location has always been Amagansett.

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