Designer Ralph Rucci Drags “Meaningless” Anna Wintour, Lagerfeld’s Childhood Abuse

by Charles Manning

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Designer Ralph Rucci Calls Anna Wintour “Meaningless” (Instagram)
New York designer Ralph Rucci took to Instagram over the weekend to show his support for friend Andre Leon Talley and drag Vogue EIC Anna Wintour, referring to her as “the British woman who works at Vogue” and praising ALT for speaking openly about her “personal evil and destruction” in his new memoir, The Chiffon Trenches, available September 8, 2020.

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…..Now you DO REALIZE that a door, locked for years, out of fear of retribution for truth, has been OPENED WIDE. My dear friend and man of such vision, intelligence, and hurt has spoken forth regarding the British woman who works at Vogue. I am proud of him for taking this step because there has been so much personal evil and destruction, and now perhaps others will feel safe to speak. Last night He asked when will I find my space of strength and tell all. I told him and you that I will…. now he must take center stage. I have been working on all of the evil memories, and we have emailed and photographed proof along with many, many people who came forth and spoken….. and I will write about what I had to contend with concerning this very, very meaningless person who deeply knew that she had no substance to exist in the realms of Snow, Vreeland, Mirabella, Orton, Weir, and thus she had to ice berg her self to float through the sea and destroy not help our metier. It’s finished! The recalibration of life, perspective, and the essence, which is the need and destination of love, will now lift this disease. Oh, she did not act alone, she had a diabolical man who assisted in the santanic plan. Karma. It’s a severe injury to the brain to realize that we have tolerated this mediocrity in our metier for almost four decades.

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Andre Leon Talley Reveals Karl Lagerfeld’s Childhood Abuse in New Memoir (Daily Mail)
In other ALT memoir news, the former Vogue editor’s new tell-all also provides personal and private insights into the early life of the late Karl Lagerfeld. According to Talley, Lagerfeld’s mother “strapped him to the bed to stop him from eating” and used to shame her son for being fat, telling him when he was just eight years old that he looked “like an old dyke.” Talley too suffered abuse as a child and says it was one of the things that bonded the two men. The two had a falling out though when Talley suggested in front of a group of friends that Lagerfeld do a joint exhibition with photographer Deborah Turbeville. According to Talley, Lagerfeld’s ego would not allow him to support another photographer in that way and as a result, Lagerfeld took Talley off the guest list for all the Chanel shows and banished him from his circle.

Karl Lagerfeld and Linda Evangelista (Getty Images)

Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing Says Cool and Chic Are Over (Vogue)
“I’m listening to myself more, and I am listening to my team more,” says Rousteing in a new interview with Vogue. “The fashion system was already facing something big, and this moment has only accelerated all the questions. The fashion system was bored of the fashion system. We have to be more spontaneous, not follow rules—we need to be more inclusive as an industry. I want to do fashion shows for different people; to open my doors to people who are not part of the system. Fashion can do so much. It can do so much for the world. We will do a fashion show in the street. I want to embrace freedom more than ever. The moment quarantine is over I want to share my vision with the whole world, not just for the few. It has to be more than that.

Olivier Rousteing (BFA/ Benjamin Lozovsky)

Saint Laurent Pulls Out of Paris Fashion Week 
“Conscious of the current circumstance and its waves of radical change, Saint Laurent has decided to take control of its pace and reshape its schedule,” the brand said in a statement released this morning. “Now more than ever, the brand will lead its own rhythm, legitimating the value of time and connecting with people globally by getting closer to them in their own space and lives. With this strategy firmly in place, Saint Laurent will not present its collections in any of the pre-set schedules of 2020. Saint Laurent will take ownership of its calendar and launch its collections following a plan conceived with an up-to-date perspective, driven by creativity.”

Fall 2020 Paris Fashion Week

Saint Laurent Fall 2020 (IMAXtree)

Textile Workers in Bangladesh Protest Over Unpaid Wages (Business of Fashion)
“Hundreds of textile workers in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka took to the streets on Sunday demanding wages, flouting social distancing norms amid a nationwide lockdown to control the coronavirus pandemic,” writes Business of Fashion. “The second-largest apparel producer after China, Bangladesh is set to lose export revenue of about $6 billion (£4.8 billion) this fiscal year as the sector has been hit by cancellations from some of the world’s largest brands and retailers, two industry bodies have said. ‘We haven’t got wages since last two months. We have no food, no money. We are left to starve,’ said Mohammad Ujjal, a worker at a garment factory in capital city, Dhaka, who participated in the protest.”

Workers in a garment factory in Bangladesh making PPE, March 31, 2020 (Shutterstock)

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Haimes Monique April 27, 2020 - 12:47 PM

Thank you. The world of fashion can be as creative and as ugly that human being may allow it possible.
I like the world of creativity in fashion, Yves Saint Laurent who brought the smoking, was my favorite.
I worked for Pierre Cardin, loved the last exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum.

Catherine April 30, 2020 - 8:46 AM

Thank you Talley and Rucci for FINALLY telling the world what AW is truly like. The Devil Wears Prada unfortunately only fueled her popularity but there is never, EVER, justification in treating others like garbage. People who rule with fear always have deep seated issues that almost always stem from a bad childhood. It’s a reason NOT an excuse to then keep the tradition of abuse going in adulthood. AW’s days are, if not over, hopefully numbered.


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