Model Chad White Is Turning His Garage Into a Drive-By Thirst Trap

by Eddie Roche

In today’s installment of “Cabin Fever Diaries,” we check in with Soul Artist Management model, Chad White, who is spending quarantine with his favorite guys and using his time wisely. America’s sweetheart tells us what he’s longing to do again and what he’s learned about himself in recent weeks. 

Where are you right now and who you are you with?
Right now, I’m in bed having some coffee with my son Levi jumping all over me.

Have you learned anything new about yourself since social distancing?
I’m not as much of a homebody as I thought. It’s driving me nuts not being able to see people, play sports, work, etc. I’m usually up and out of the house pretty early, and once I start running around, I can’t wait to get back home, and unwind, and just chill out. Growing up in Oregon, I’ve always had a really strong connection to the outdoors and being in nature. When I was a kid my family took camping trips all the time. I see how important that balance between the two is to me now. A free spirit needs room to roam. This is softball season, so this is the time of year I’m usually out in the parks playing with my friends. So, like so many other people, being quarantined is driving me a bit crazy. I’m fortunate enough to be able to go out in the backyard when I need fresh air though. For some people that’s not even an option. But the cabin fever is real! Also, as much as I love our industry, what we do isn’t essential. It’s very humbling. The grocery workers, mailmen and women, doctors, nurses, CNAs, etc. they’re heroes. We need them. We’ve taken them for granted for so long and they deserve so much more credit and appreciation than what we’ve given to them in the past. I hope it won’t be business as usual when we get on the other side of this. Fashion has become so serious that a lot of the fun and magic that was there when I first started has disappeared. I hope on the other side of this we can slow down and enjoy it more and do things with a greater sense of humanity and purpose.

What has been the biggest change to your routine?
Like many other people, the biggest change for me has been adjusting to spending so much time at home and not having those face-to-face moments with the people you love. Normally, I’m up at 6am and out the door by 7am to workout, go to work, and spend time with friends and family, but all of that has stopped. We live in a digital world and have become so used to connecting with each other through a screen, but I think the quarantine is making so many of us realize how important being together is. Moving forward, when we do have those moments, hopefully, we’ll all be more present and really cherish them.

Chad White (Courtesy)

What do you miss most about life before the quarantine?
Being able to see my family and friends. I just want to give them all one more hug!

How are you staying active?
Garage boot camps made by me. They are pretty insane. I exercise daily anyway, but normally I go to a gym so it’s just about getting creative so that I can get a good workout in at home with limited equipment. I made two 40lb kettlebells out of some things I had lying around, and that’s helped make a lot of my workouts even better. I use Levi too sometimes. He thinks we’re playing a game, but I’m just trying to keep this dad bod in good shape. Otherwise, I’ll come out of this quarantine looking like Fat Bastard.

Chad White (Courtesy)

How’s your sleep?
Depends. If I watch the news at night, it makes it hard to sleep. The never ending headlines can create a lot of anxiety especially since we’re all at home going crazy anyway. Also, if my son eats too many sweets with me at night, he wakes up at 2 AM screaming “DAD’DA! DAD’DA!!!” I’m trying to do a better job of spacing out our binge nights, but what can I say? We love our sweets.

What are you doing to help others?
Making workouts for friends and trying to keep them motivated. It’s so easy to spend all day going from the couch to the fridge back to the couch and pass the time watching tv and movies, myself included. Just being there for people in my life who need someone to listen or talk to. We all have to be a shoulder for each other to lean on. We all have different situations, so for some people trying to get through this is much tougher than for others. It’s important to check in with your friends, loved ones, and those in your community.

Chad White (Courtesy)

If you’re not an essential worker, I think one of the biggest things we can all do is to stay home and follow the advice of medical experts. We should only be going out when absolutely necessary. I know people who are still going to hang out with friends multiple times a week or going out just because they “need” to get out. It’s selfish. Staying home and minimizing your contact with people is a selfless act of compassion for others, so I’m grateful to everyone who is doing their best to make the sacrifice to self-isolate and practice social distancing.

If you could be in isolation with anyone, who would it be?
I’m self-isolating with my son Levi, Levi’s mom and my husky Batman. As long as I have them, I know I can get through this. But I do wish I had my family and closest friends with me as well.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve found yourself doing since isolating?
I’m weird as it is. I workout in my underwear and keep the garage door open to see how many cars I can get to stop.

What are you most anxious about?
The health and safety of all of my loved ones. That I won’t get to say goodbye to my parents or some of the people that I love because, God forbid, they might pass from this horrific virus. There’s no way to know for sure because testing has been inadequate, but my parents and family back home are pretty sure that they had the virus, and I broke down thinking it was going to take them from me. But thank God everyone is okay now. I get anxious thinking about what the new normal will be. Will forms of social distancing become part of the new norm? Will we have to be more careful hugging people we love? What will our industry and work look like?

What have you been watching on TV?
Ozark, Tiger King, Good Will Hunting. I highly recommend all three if anyone is looking for things to watch.

Chad White (Courtesy)

What have you been eating?
I cook a lot. Veggie burgers on the grill, turkey burgers, quinoa protein bowls, egg white omelets, chocolate chip banana pancakes, homemade brownies, baked sweet potato fries.

Have you accomplished anything since self-isolating? 
I got my personal training certification, I’ve built a small patio, and I’m learning Spanish.

What music have you been listening to lately?
Old school 90’s R&B, classic rock, and reggae. The other night, I was dancing by myself in my underwear singing ‘Return of the Mack’ to Levi. His little face just lights up. He loves it, but thank God no one else could see or hear me.

What do you want to do when this is all over?
Drive across the USA to Oregon and hug my parents.

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