Paris Dispatch! A Moment with Michelle Elie

by Paige Reddinger


Michelle Elie

Michelle Elie

Former model turned jewelry designer, Michelle Elie is always one of our favorite people to spot at the shows. If there is anyone having a blast with fashion, it surely must be her. The artful pieces from designers like Comme des Garçons that fashion outsiders may never be able to wrap their heads around are the pieces she covets most. We caught up with the Elie at Jacquemus to find out more about her unique style.

We love your fearless style! Who are you wearing?
It’s a Junya Wantanabe vest, a Comme des Garçons dress, and Prada shoes.

What did you think of the show?
It was very beautiful, very poetic. I’m definitely going to get myself a lot of these white shirts, because I love a great white shirt. I don’t think I can get enough of them. I have them in all different shapes.

Is there a look in particular you had your eye on?
Yes, the white shirt with the dot that was worn backwards. That I’m definitely going to wear.

How big is your closet?
Actually, it’s not big at all. It’s just well edited.

But you have so many great pieces! How long do you keep them for?
Forever. I used to give them away and I have regretted it ever since.

What was the last thing you gave away?
My first pair of Mary Janes from Christian Louboutin and ever since then I never gave anything away ever again, because things always come back. Those were a classic.

Do you wear your more avant garde pieces regularly or just to the shows?
I do! I just had this silly question from someone who asked me if my outfit was wearable. I was like, “Yes, totale!” I go to the market in this. I even go to meetings in Paris in pieces like this.

What are some of the reactions you get from people outside of fashion?
Oh, it’s very strange. I tend to shut down. I tend to not hear it. Otherwise, it filters me so I just don’t listen. I think fashion is such a fun industry and you have designers who come up with these incredible ideas and they’re able to create and play and dream and make you want to dream. It’s not just about a silhouette or selling a certain bag or skirt. It’s a huge industry, but also there are those that make you dream. It’s about playing dress up.

How do you pack your Comme des Garçons and Junya Wantanabe pieces?
I don’t pack them. I drove. None of this stuff fits into my suitcase. I put them on hangers in garment bags and lay them flat in my car. I never fly when I come to Paris. I used to take the train with six suitcases, but that got out of control, because there was no porter to help me once I got to Gare du Nord.

Do you ever go classic?
You know, there are also days that I am very classic such as when I have a business meeting with my husband’s [Mike Mieré] client for the car industry. Of course, then I’ll wear a classic white shirt and very basic black trousers with a very simple Raf Simons for Jil Sander coat. But for fashion week, you have to have fun with it! If you don’t have fun with it at this particular time, when are you going to have fun with it?

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