Patrick Jones Answers the Eternal Question: If the Spice Girls Were Candles, What Would They Smell Like?

by Charles Manning

Like any good New Yorker worth their salt, Agentry PR fashion publicist Patrick Jones has a side hustle. In his case, it’s a made-in-New-York, hand-poured candle brand inspired by the great outdoors and called, appropriately enough, Outdoor Fellow. The Daily caught up with Jones to find out what inspired his foray into entrepreneurship and ask him a bunch of silly questions about candles, fire, and the Spice Girls. Because why not?!

Patrick Jones (Ryan Monaghan)

You’re a very busy publicist. Why on earth would you launch a side business? Do you not like sleep?
Yeah, apparently I hate sleep! I’ve been a publicist my entire career, promoting other people’s products, which is fun, but I’ve had an itch to make something of my own for awhile now, which is why I created Outdoor Fellow. I figured, what’s the worst that can happen, right?

Why candles? Are you some sort of pyromaniac? Admit it, you totally played with matches when you were a kid, didn’t you?
I absolutely played with matches when I was kid. I actually have fond memories of getting to light the fire at home in the fireplace when I was a kid, which was always thrilling and why there is a fireplace-scented candle in the line! I’ve always loved scented candles and have honestly probably spent more money than I care to admit on them, which is why I entered the candle space. There must be a million people like me right? Candles completely change the atmosphere of the room, which is what I love. I’m a big advocate of the outdoors because you get to enjoy the sights and smells all around you, which is what inspired each of the scents in the line. I wanted to bring the outdoors inside.

Five percent or your proceeds go to the Trust for Public Land. Why is that organization important to you?
The Trust for Public Land is awesome. Not only do they help keep large parks public, they also create amazing community spaces in urban environments. One of their current initiatives is for everyone to have a public park no less than 10-minutes away from where people live. They recently converted an unused lot here in New York City into a fabulous playground and community gathering area which I think is so cool. It’s really important to have these spaces where we can unwind but also gather as a community and The Trust for Public Land makes those moments happen.

Do you often bring candles to public parks? Seems kind of dangerous.
I wouldn’t advise bringing a candle to a public park. In fact, don’t! Just enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells it has to offer and leave your scented candle at home.  Then, when you’re stuck inside on a rainy day, light it up and let the smell take you back to that happy moment.

Is this candle company of yours really just an elaborate and well-scented money laundering operation?
I don’t have the skills like Jason Bateman in Ozark to pull something like that off!

Who would you love to see buying and using your candles?
I hear Justin Timberlake is a big candle fan so would love to see him buying and using them. He’s just about to finish his Man of the Woods Tour so it would be a perfect fit.  He likes the woods, I make candles that smell like the woods, it’s a win-win.  I bet Jessica would enjoy them too!  Justin, if you’re reading this, give me a call and we’ll work something out.

Given that your candles come in five different scents, I can’t help but wonder, if your candles were Spice Girls, which Spice Girls would they be?
Really reliving my ’90s life with this interview!  Here goes:

No.5 Juniper Grapefruit is Ginger, because it’s effervescent and just like Ginger quit the band, it’s limited edition.

No.1 Fireplace + Clove is Scary because it’s moody, but warm.

No.8 Sandalwood + Pine Needle is Posh because it’s posh and classic.

No.15 Cedarwood + Lavender is Baby because it’s graceful and floral.

No.14 Woods is Sporty because it’s butch.

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