“The Neon Demon” NYC Premiere Brings Out Models and Designers

by The Daily Front Row

Models and designers alike flocked to the premier of The Neon Demon, staring Elle Fanning, at the Metrograph earlier this week. The stylized thriller, in theaters today and written and directed by Nicholas Winding Refn, follows an aspiring model in LA, played by Fanning, whose beauty and It power lead others in the industry to fatal obsession.

As a young woman who has grown up in the industry herself, Fanning found parts of her character easy to relate to. “I was very young when I started acting,” said Fanning, “So I understand the feeling of being the youngest person in a room, with all these adults around you.” Her favorite “costumes” from the film? “My favorite was the one in the opening scene, it was a cobalt blue Armani bandeau and skirt. Nick let me choose that one. It looked the most neon, I thought!”

With the tagline “beauty isn’t everything it’s the only thing,” the film tackles the modeling industry’s obsession with beauty and the idea of the next young thing. A model herself, actress Abbey Lee, who plays model Sarah, has her own thoughts on standards for beauty. “I think that with anything that is beautiful or not beautiful,” Lee told us. “You can work on something to change the way that it appears, but that’s also subjective. If you’re talking about beauty on the inside, that’s something that you have to work on internally.”

In addition to the film’s stars, the premiere also kicked off the summer season for the fashion set, including Hilary Rhoda, Amanda Faical, Crystal Renn, Nicole Miller, and Cynthia Rowley. “I’m out supporting one of my dearest friends,” said Renn of the evening, “So it’s always a highlight because she’s doing amazing, she’s such a genius actress. I’ve known her for years, so it’s really nice to come and show support.”


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