Milly Playlist: Haute, Haute Heat!

by The Daily Front Row

In our latest issue of The Daily Summer, Milly’s Michele Smith broke down her personal edit of 2015’s best summer songs, below.

1. “Cool for the Summer,” Demi Lovato: In my opinion, catchiest tune of the whole summer, and it was just released in July. Go, Demi!

2. “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like a Mother F***er,” Maroon 5: What the f**k is up with that song title? Catchy tune, but what the f**k?

3. “Can’t Feel My Face,” The Weeknd: Hmmm, why can’t you feel your face, dude?

4. “Want to Want Me,” Jason Derulo: I’m excited to see Mr. Derulo perform this song at the VH1 Save the Music Foundation’s Hamptons Live concert.

5. “Girl Crush,” Little Big Town: The second I saw Little Big Town perform this song in Austin last April,
I knew it would be a smash.

6. “Earned It,” The Weeknd: A slow, sexy little powerhouse of a tune.

7. “Fade Out Lines,” Avener: If you’ve spent any time in Europe recently, this is the song of summer there.

8. “Dreams,” Beck: I love you, Beck! Awesome tune.

9. “Hold My Hand,” Jess Glynne: This song is basically pure summer-love happiness.

10. “Sugar,” Maroon 5: You try not to like this song, but you secretly sing it in the car when you’re driving to the beach.

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