Meet The 70 Made In Italy Brands Showing At COTERIE This February

by The Daily Front Row

Without further ado, let’s get the 70 Italian brands showcasing their wares at COTERIE from February 20-22 at the Javits Center.


Warmer days are coming! Amazuìn is a swimwear collection designed for dynamic world explorers who love to dress up as much as they love to plan their next adventure. [; Booth: 6734]

Amici by Baci
Amici by Baci is an avant garde brand that focuses on sustainability and natural fabric, which has landed itself a place in stores all over the world from Europe to Australia. [; Booth: 6874]

Andrea Ya’aqov
Since 2013, Andrea Ya’aqov has been a go-to for contemporary pieces with a twist of the avant-garde. Think: urban and futuristic, but always totally wearable. [; Booth: 6834]

If anything’s for certain, it’s that Italians know how to have fun—and BESSI’s splashy prints and colorful palettes are proof. [; Booth: 6865]


Operating out of the same Brescian countryside camiceria at which its first shirt was sewn in 1979, Caliban is evidently an enthusiast for clean design and undeniably Italian excellence [; Booth: 6162]

Cristina Durio
Cristina Durio inherited the creative flare and artisan expertise of her late father who
began tailoring in the 1960s. Now specializing in women’s trousers, her collections are
distinguished by her acute attention to detail in fit, packaging, finishes, and choice of fabrics [; Booth: 6248]

De Santis by Martin Alvarez
Sleek, fashion-forward garb that will make you do a double-take is what De Santis does best. Founded in 1961, the luxury label has grown synonymous with avant-garde style, unfaltering tradition and elegant couture for men and women alike. [; Booth: 6630]

Frida Querida Firenze
Take a quick peek at Frida Querida Firenze’s stylish al mare-ready swimwear offering, and you’ll be ready to book a trip away pronto. [; Booth: 7449]

Giada Curti
Elegance in abundance? You heard it here first. Giada Curti’s romantic dresses, skirts, and blouses have won the brand both Instagram and commercial fame. [; Booth: 7242]

Giovanna Nicolai
Designed for women who are unapologetically themselves, Giovanna Nicolai needs no introduction—and it’s simple to see why. Its high fashion repertoire of made-to-last pieces favor bold silhouettes, tasteful prints, and a city-meets-chill state of mind. [; Booth: 6151]

Parma-based Goodmatch has been designing with the modern working woman top of mind for over half a century. With high-performing, eco-sustainable fabrics, any Goodmatch ware is the perfect candidate for on-the-go errands and grabbing un aperitivo alike. [; Booth: 6759]

Hylure’s figure-hugging and ultra feminine pieces are designed to move with you seamlessly, from day to night, while guaranteeing you remain the center of attention. [; Booth: 8117]

Irreplaceable by Elisa Giordano
Originally founded as a children’s brand, Irreplaceable now outfits moms and their little ones in sustainable and chic fashions. [; Booth: 7255]

Isa Belle
Based in Florence but adored around the world—from casual to formal, Isa Belle has been doing it all, with aplomb, since 1989. [; Booth: 7559]

Stand out on the beach or at the pool, thanks to Justmine’s flattering and unique assortment of swimwear. [; Booth: 6929]

La Couverture
As well as accessories, this Tuscany-based brand is known for its structured tailoring and voluminous silhouettes when it comes to unisex outerwear. [; Booth: 7361]

MeiMeiJ is known and adored for its use of strong shades, as well as effective use of black, and white that will guarantee impact, especially when combined with its bold silhouettes. [; Booth: 6124]

This 10-year-old brand brings made in Italy perfection to the world, with its womenswear wares already stocked in 40 doors worldwide. [; Booth: 6836]

Pho Firenze
Florence-based Pho Firenze has been doubling down on high quality production, the finest of fabrics, and fashion forward gowns since the 1980s. [; Booth: 6542]

Arenzano-based Ploumanac’h consistently nails resortwear. Just think: hand-painted cashmere sweaters, easy going linens, and more for your vacay wardrobe. [; Booth: 6759]

Sustainability is at the heart of everything ethical ready to wear brand Prism does. The newcomer, launched in 2023, employs garment workers from marginalized communities and utilizes left-over fabric to minimize waste. [; Booth: 7130]

Queen Moda
Born on the rocky coast of Positano, Queen Moda’s luxury beachwear selection offering has always been reminiscent of its sun-kissed, corner-of-paradise beginnings. [; Booth: 7436]

Seventy Venezia
Refined and glamorous, Seventy Venezia evokes feelings of its whimsical, canal-adorned roots. A go-to for all genders, Seventy Venezia promises versatile excellence and subtle glamor with every stitch. [; Booth: 6131]

Shaft Jeans
We like our pasta al dente and our jeans Shaft! If there’s anything that can stand the test of time, it’s a trusty pair of jeans—and Florence-based Shaft Jeans knows just the type. [; Booth: 6759]

Simona Bonacci
A staple in the Italian apparel industry, Simona Bonacci designs hang proudly in the closets of Italy (and the world’s) chicest women. We’ll have one of everything! [; Booth: 6153]

Tasch Milano
What is it that makes Milanese women so inherently chic? Just look at one of the city’s most popular brands, Tasch Milano, for your answer: timeless staples, reimagined in a fresh way each season. [; Booth: 7260]

VLT’s by Valentina’s
A leading force in the women’s shirt and blouse sector, VLT’s focuses on keeping its stock in line with trends, while never compromising on timeless dependability. [; Booth: 6362]


No matter where you’re going, Calo’s handmade casual footwear will take you there in reliable style. [; Booth: 6819]

Over half a century of love and expertise goes into each and every pair of sandals, boots, and pumps from this Milan-based brand. [; Booth: 5313]

Donna Carolina
Made for any and every occasion, Donna Carolina has an most impressive and diverse lineup of shoes—all at an affordable price. Whether you’re on the hunt for white sneakers, suede booties, or a pointed-toe leather flat, you’ll find it here. [; Booth: 5322]

Few know how to masterfully craft a shoe like the Italians, and as a brand, Leopoldine is proof of that, with each pair produced consciously and considerately in small batches by hand. [; Booth: 5213]

Michele Lopriore
Helmed by Michele and his son Mike and daughter Giada, this luxury footwear brand appeals to the cosmopolitan woman as much now as it did on day one in 1986. [; Booth: 6135]

Monte Sport
Founded in the 1970s for the production of mountain and work footwear, the company was eventually taken over by the five daughters of the founders who brought the brand in a more contemporary direction, influenced by current market trends. [; Booth: 6869]


Sustainable bag label Alienina prides itself on singularity—that is, its collection of hand-made, rope-stitched totes wherein no two are the same. To impress further, each tag boasts a humane, second-life,100% Made in Italy promise. [; Booth: 5826]

AltaModa Belt
This made-in-Italy belt label is the real deal—and has been for over 50 years. Enlisting expert hands, tasteful creativity, and an Italian state of mind, each handcrafted belt is manufactured with advanced production techniques. [; Booth: 5864]

First in Naples and from the 1970s in Milan, this family-ran brand has specialized in the production of a single accessory that never lost its fashion appeal for true connoisseurs of Italian style and craftsmanship: gorgeous gloves. [; Booth: 5765]

Angela Caputi Giuggiù
This Florentine designer derives inspiration from 1940s American film. Her jewelry is recognised for its smooth lines, carefully selected materials, and unique color combinations. The creativity of this brand has even been on display at The Met! [; Booth: 5658]

Angiolo Frasconi

This family-owned brand has accumulated prestige through a half a century of passion and dedication to the craft of hat-making. Their creations are brought to life through traditional means of ancient machines and hand finishing. [; Booth: 5459]

This sustainably-sourced, artisanally-made bag label checks all the right boxes. From oversized hobo bags to structured bucket bags, architectural shapes to asymmetric lines, each made-for-always silhouette is an investment worth making. [; Booth: 5463]

Beba Gioielli
Handcrafted in Florence and designed to elicit a carefree joy in each wearer, jeweler Beba Gioielli’s genderless gems are made for any and every occasion. [; Booth: 5651]

Bruno Carlo
At Bruno Carlo, accessories have always been a family affair. Posting a refined assortment of knitwear, gloves, and hats for lei and lui, the family-run couturier operates where elegance meets classicism meets international appeal. [; Booth: 6154]

Christian Villa
Christian Villa grew up immersed in the fashion industry thanks to his parents’ work. The designer launched his namesake collection of leather bags in 2010, bringing together raw Italian materials and a global sense of elegant design. [; Booth: 5762]

Cuoieria Fiorentina
Despite being a favorite across the world, Florence-based luggage label Cuoieria Fiorentina holds fast to Italian tradition, culture and quality. The outcome is a sleek, fashion-forward offering of bags you actually want—from departure to destination. [; Booth: 6759]

De Marquet
Iconic, sustainable bags made in Tuscany that are famous in fashion magazines around the world for the clever, interchangeable covers—giving you two bags for the price of one. [; Booth: 5661]

Popular handbag and accessories label I OE F is a favorite of influencers and style stars, thanks to its playful spirit and always-elegant aesthetic. (; Booth: 5852)

Laura Angelilli’s brand has people, the planet, and animals on its mind. Via ethical practices and responsible production, it doesn’t scrimp on creating chic items either. [; Booth: 5425]

La Milanesa
A crochet handbag from La Milanesa is destined to put a smile on everyone’s face. Each product marches to the beat of its own drum, marrying functionality and unique style. [; Booth: 6141]

Maison Dressage
Inspired by the equestrian world and the traditions of discipline, precision, and elegance that it embodies, Maison Dressage’s accessories add an air of refinement to the simplest of outfits. [; Booth: 5861]

Polina Firenze
Made in Italy since 2003, this brand is known for its high-end fashion jewelry, which is hand-polished, gold-plated, and made even more unique by Florentine epoxy enamel. [; Booth: 5461]

Save My Bag
Cruelty-free bags that are fashion forward? Say no more—celebrity-adored Save My Bag is the brainchild of two young entrepreneurs who create their fun and colorful totes in their patented fabric which is washable and durable. [; Booth: 5552]

Vintage Bijoux
No outfit is complete without unique statement pieces. Vintage Bijoux knows this, and rather than follow trends, the brand produces items that will be treasured as much today as they will be decades from now. [; Booth: 5853]

This brand’s signature is its patented and distinctive saddle stitching. Expect timeless design, great quality, and value for money. [; Booth: 5832]


Paying constant attention to detail and rising trends, yet reinstating its loyalty to timeless style is, perhaps, what Adesi does best. Plus, an impressive selection of button-down knits, turtlenecks, cardigans, and zipped sweaters. [; Booth: 6464]

Alessandro Aste
A closet staple, Alessandro Aste’s sophisticated cashmere pieces are traditionally hand made and intended to last forever. [; Booth: 6158]

Be You
Géraldine Alasio founded Be You in 2008 with the goal of bringing beautiful, lively, and colorful knitwear to the world—and not just confined to the cold months either. [; Booth: 6234]

Giovanni Cavagna
Knitwear, but not as you know it! Giovanni Cavagna is a leader in luxury knitwear innovation, as evidenced by his eclectic designs season after season. [; Booth: 6633]

Lorena Benatti
The face of femininity since 1956, Lorena Benatti is the ITA label specializing in know-how knitwear. From two-toned palettes and asymmetrical cuts, sporty sets to professional tailoring, Lorena Benatti will fulfill all your knitted needs. [; Booth: 6345]

Nestled deep in the Tuscan countryside, Melarosa has a refreshing focus on sustainable luxury (think: silk, cashmere, and cotton must-haves) and intimate buyer-seller dynamics. [; Booth: 6143]

Of Handmade
With an offering indicative of its name, Of Handmade celebrates traditional practice and contemporary design in every piece. Its sustainable “no planet B” ethos also leaves it a favorite season after season. [; Booth: 7128]

High quality knitwear that reflects the ever-evolving nature of fashion and femininity. POURMOI
guarantees the best of Italian-sourced materials and impeccable execution. [; Booth: 6476]

Rocco Ragni
Tucked away in the foothills of Mount Tezio, Perugia label Rocco Ragni has grown synonymous with artisanal knitwear and precious cashmere. Each design pulls inspiration from its namesake founder’s interest in traditional spinning techniques and the beauty of Umbrian terrain. [; Booth: 6759]

You can simply feel the care that goes into each sumptuous Tesei piece, which is made by small producers from central Italy with a selection of high quality Italian materials and sartorial expertise. [; Booth: 6566]

Tricot Chic
Delivering irresistible staple picks since 1972, Tricot Chic has been pioneering innovative knitwear since its inception 50 years ago. Half a century later, it’s still made, and perfected, in Italy, from start to finish. [; Booth: 6452]

With raw materials, timeless class, and generations of made-in-Italy elegance as its bread and butter, Whyci is a go-to label for more reasons than one. Untreated wool, silk and cashmere blends decorated with seasonal prints and embroideries? You had us at Ciao! [; Booth: 6159]


Since its inception in 2011, outerwear and accessories brand Chiarulli has strived for excellence—namely, with strict adherence to Italian tailoring standards, unfaltering quality, and sensible taste. Ten plus years later, the label continues to set precedents for how Italian fashion should feel, look, and be. [; Booth: 6474]

Di Bello by Fontani
Di Bello by Fontani makes a convincing case for Florentine outerwear, as well as leather and sheepskin tailoring. Since the 1990s, the label has been characterized by Italian craftsmanship, stylistic research, originality, and a 100% Made in Italy stamp. [; Booth: 6237]

Landi’s outerwear line offers a unique inventory of waterproof pea coats, down jackets and uniquely crafted fur overcoats. Landi prioritizes eco-sustainability, and does so with regenerated fabric fibers that nod to Tuscan textile practices. [; Booth: 6363]

Montereggi Point
Functional outerwear that’s equally slick and crafted to last. In other words: puffers, parkas, and more that are worth booking a ski trip for. [; Booth: 6236]

Suprema’s Venetian base is indicative of its quality leather goods and shearling excellence. Between its camel coats stitched in double-faced cashmere, sheepskin parkas, and mink, sable, and chinchilla finishes, Suprema truly lives up to its English-translated name with ease. [; Booth: 6759]

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