Meet the 100-Year-Old British Vogue Model

by Eddie Roche

Harvey Nichols 100 year old model in Vogue

British Vogue turns 100 this year, and Kate Middleton graces the cover of the commemorative issue. But they’ve got another special guest on their pages. Meet Marjorie ‘Bo’ Gilbert, the first 100-year-old model to grace the pages of Vogue, who stars in images shot by photographer Phil Poynter for a special tribute ad from British department store Harvey Nichols. They also put together a video of Bo seeing her finished photo and reacting to some of the biggest changes in fashion since she’s been around. She says gems like, “Now you never see anybody in a hat!” and “I had never seen a lady in a trouser suit before and it really caught my eye!” Love! For the record: This fabulous-at-every-age granny is wearing Dries van Noten, Céline, and Victoria Beckham.

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