MaxMara’s Maria Giulia Maramotti On Escaping To Sardinia

by Ashley Baker

Another morsel from The Daily Summer: As MaxMara’s U.S. director of retail, Maria Giulia Maramotti spends most of her days in New York City. But when she needs an escape, she hits the open water to go sailing—usually around Sardinia, where she spends her summers. 

Where did you vacation as a child?
Ever since I was a little girl, we all would gather at my parents’ house in Sardinia. We would spend about two months there every year, because in Italy, kids have a lot of vacation time.
What is your house there like?
It’s very quiet and simple, with some trees and big windows watching over the sea. I shared a room with my brother, and we had a huge kitchen where my mother would cook fish. It was really all about being outside. We would walk to the beach, ride bikes, and hang around like little savages.
How has Sardinia changed over the years that you have been going there?
It has maintained its rough charm, which is what I love the most about it, but throughout the course of the years, it has definitely become more glamorous. When I used to go there, there were not a lot of people coming from outside of Italy. Now, it’s more international.
How do you spend your time there as an adult?
I’m a very sporty person, and Sardinia is all about being outside. My ritual is to wake up early in the morning and go for a bike ride. Then I go sailing most days, because our sailboat is really close to the harbor. There are a couple of islands that are really close to our house, so we might go there and eat lunch and swim about. Then we usually watch the sunset and come back home. We always have guests, so we eat meals together. It’s so nice to watch the stars and be in complete silence.
When did you first start sailing?
When I was about 10 years old, I took my first course in Sardinia, and I’ve been sailing ever since. Everyone in my family does it—my brother, my uncles, and a couple of my cousins. It’s really a family passion.
Why do you like it so much?
I like the fact that I feel completely free, and it puts me very much in touch with the sea and nature. It’s also very technical—it really keeps the mind focused. I get really relaxed when I’m sailing, because all I can think of is the technical aspects and the incredible sensation of being really close to nature.
How often do you sail now and where do you go?
I try to sail as much as I can—at least once every three months. I was recently in the San Francisco Bay, and this summer, I’m going to Sardinia and Greece. When I’m in New York City, I take off during the weekends.
Do you have a boat in the city?
I don’t, but I have a couple of friends who do, so sometimes we hang out on their boats or sometimes I might rent my own. We were in Charleston last weekend, but we mainly go to the Hamptons. I like Montauk and Bellport, which is pretty windy, but everywhere in the Hamptons is very nice. There are a lot of channels around Southampton, and you get to see the coast from a completely different perspective.
What’s your summer wardrobe like?
My summer wardrobe is very simple—when I’m sailing, it’s denim cutoffs, my Sperry Top-Siders, and a white shirt. I have a collection of Eres bikinis, too. For the evening, I like to go more hippie chic, like very long printed dresses from MaxMara. I also like ethnic skirts and nice sandals or flats. I’m always in flats—I never wear heels in the summer. I like to bring ethnic jewelry and nice belts.
Who’s the best cook in the family?
My mom is an excellent cook, and I’m good, too. My mom cooks incredible risotto and fish. In Sardinia, she purchases fish directly from the fishermen in the early morning. She does a fantastic oven-cooked sea bass with beautifully cut vegetables. She has a special recipe for an amazing fish pasta, which she makes with fresh tomatoes and mussels. The quality of raw materials is essential—that’s what she taught me.

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