Max Mara’s Teddy Bear Gift Collection Is So Cute!

by Charles Manning

No one does a teddy bear coat quite like Max Mara. Made from a combination of wool, silk, and alpaca, these fur-effect coats are about as cozy as it gets, not to mention chic as all get out.

Teddy Bear Icon Coat, MAX MARA, $3,690

For Holiday 2019, the brand is going teddy bear crazy with a gigantic collection of teddybear clothing, accessories, bits, and baubles, all in a fabulous range of colors, from understated and elegant neutrals to cartoon-bright pop colors like turquoise, coral, and a particularly sunny yellow.

There are coats, of course: the oversized, slouchy, and ever-so-snuggly Icon, which is available in six different colors, and it’s sleeker sister coat, which is available in cornflower, turquoise, and yellow.

Teddy Bear Icon Coat, MAX MARA, $3,690

Teddy Bear Coat, MAX MARA, $3,250

There are even these adorable little bear charms, each one wearing a fluffy, fun teddy bear coat of their very own.

Teddy Charm, MAX MARA, $285

And how cozy are these scarves, earmuffs, and mittens? You can go monochromatic or full-on primary color clash!

Alpaca, Wool, and Silk Mittens, MAX MARA, $185

Camel Scarf, MAX MARA, $725

Alpaca, Wool, and Silk Earmuffs, MAX MARA, $115 

There are even teddy bear fanny packs! I’m sorry… belt bags. So cute, whatever you choose to call them.

Of course, this being Max Mara, it’s not all primary colors, and there are a bunch of chic items — from fuzzy sling-backs to a jaunty little cape that are available exclusively in the brand’s signature shade of camel.

Teddy Bear Gifts in Classic Camel, MAX MARA, $115 – $3,690

Oh, man! It’s almost enough to make you forget about the fact that the sun has started setting before 5:00.

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