Man on the Street: The Jersey Shore vs. the Hamptons!

by Eddie Roche

Remember Snooki? The Daily Summer took a road trip to the Jersey Shore’s Point Pleasant Beach to experience the locals and day-trippers. Naturally, we tested their Hamptons knowledge!

Adriana, 27, jewelry designer, Little Words Project

What brings you to the Shore?
We have a trunk show selling our jewelry on Arnold Avenue. We’ve recently ventured into doing some influencing on social media.
How many followers do you have on Instagram?
My personal page has about 1,800.
What do you think of the style at the Jersey Shore?
I love it here. I’ve been coming here my whole life. I’m obviously a Jersey Girl!
Thoughts on guidos?
I don’t think the guido thing is a thing.
What do you do in the Hamptons?
I’ve only been a couple of times. It’s a little too ritzy for me. It costs an arm and a leg to get there. I’m done with all that!
Who is Tracy Anderson?
She was on Baywatch.

Mariah, 24, brand director

Thoughts on the Jersey Shore?
I prefer the beaches in Florida. They’re a little less cluttered, and the water is a little cleaner. But the Shore holds a place in my heart—you can be yourself and have a good time. It brings you back home!
Where is Montauk?
I know Montauk because of the show Big Little Lies. Didn’t that happen there?
Actually, it was Monterey, California, but close!
No way!
Who is Tracy Anderson?
Give me a hint!
She’s a blogger!
Who are you wearing today?
The skirt is H&M, and my top is from T.J. Maxx. I’m such a Maxxinista! And my lips are from Kylie Cosmetics.

Matt, 18, senior beach attendant

What does your job entail?
I tell the beach boys where to go and clean up. We want to make sure everything is nice for the customers.
Was it your dream to work here?
I wouldn’t call it a dream, but I love it here.
What do people misunderstand about the Jersey Shore?
A lot of people hate paying to come onto the beach. They don’t understand that these are all privately owned, and people have to clean them up.
How much is a slice of pizza around here?
Three or four bucks. It’s inflated on the boardwalk.
Where is Montauk?
It’s near the Hamptons!
Well done! Who is Tracy Anderson?
A government official. Am I close?

Tiffany, 34, medical coder

What brings you to the Jersey Shore?
We’re on a family vacation from Georgia. Tomorrow, we’re doing the yacht tour of the Hudson River.
What do you think the Hamptons is like?
Like this, but a little better.
What is Nick & Toni’s?
A pizza place.
What’s SoulCycle?
Those people who bicycle across New Jersey.
What is Amagansett?
Can you use it in a sentence?
Never mind! Where is Sag Harbor?
Somewhere in Jersey.
Who is Tracy Anderson?
An actress.
Who are you wearing today?
Forever 21.

Elvis, 28, engineer

Are you named after The King?
My father was a fan!
What’s your favorite Elvis song?
That’s not the kind of music I listen to. The only song I know is “Blue Suede Shoes.”
What’s the difference between the Jersey Shore and the Hamptons?
I only went near the Hamptons once. It looked beautiful. Both seem to be fast-paced.
Have you had any celebrity sightings here?
I’ve seen Housewives of New Jersey husbands at the Nike outlet store in Paramus.
What’s the cocktail of choice at the Jersey Shore?
Gin and tonic with Tanqueray.

Mylina, 29, TEACHER

What brings you to the Jersey Shore?
I’ve been coming here for as long as I can remember.
How’s the traffic?
It’s always been bad!
Would you take a ’copter here?
Probably not. That’s a little pricey.
Have you ever been to the Hamptons?
Never. I’ve heard it’s very rich. There’s a mix of crowds, depending on where you go. It’s Hoboken-esque.
Have you had any celebrity sightings around here?
No, but there are a lot in Bergen County and Paramus. We see Ja Rule and Sway, the MTV VJ.
Who makes your swimsuit?
Forever 21.

Kara, 19, works in retail

How often do you get to the Jersey Shore?
I do day trips every summer. I used to go down to Wildwood for like a week at the end of August, but now we come to Point Pleasant.
What do you typically do here?
I come for the boardwalk. It’s the best! I love to go to the shops. The Aquarium is so cute. Everyone is so friendly.
Do you ever go to Seaside, New Jersey?
I went once. I wasn’t a fan. It went downhill. There are so many clubs on the boardwalk.
Did you see Snooki?
No, but I saw Mike! You know, “The Situation.” He was in Wildwood. There were bodyguards around him. It was pretty weird. I also saw the house that they lived in. People can take tours of it now.
What do you think the Hamptons is like?
I imagine beaches for miles and everyone is really tan.
Is the pizza better in New Jersey or New York?
It’s way better here. It’s so good and greasy. The slices are much bigger!

Matt, 16, beach attendant

You’re a local! Why is this place called Point Pleasant?
I never really cared.
What’s your summer job?
We do umbrella rentals and stuff, and we clean.
Good way to meet girls?
If you want to!
Have you ever spotted any celebrities?
Not recently, but my brother once saw [basketball player] J.R. Smith.
Have you ever heard of the Hamptons?
Yeah. It’s in Virginia, right?



2016 Population: 4,544
Average price of a hotel room: $243 a night
Famous local: Kirsten Dunst
Famous deals: Grandma and Grandpa ride free on Wednesdays at Jenkinson’s Boardwalk amusement park—with a paying child, natch.
Fitness must: Gold’s Gym on River Avenue
Cost of a beach pass: $10
How to get there: Via New Jersey Transit (think of it as the evil twin of the LIRR!), which whisks you from Penn Station to Point Pleasant Beach in about two hours.


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