Love, Pride, and Shopping: The Posh Kings’ Colorful Journey in Live Sales

by Amir Bakian

In the world of e-commerce, it’s a wild ride. As new technologies and recent trends take over, reshaping people’s lives worldwide, it’s no surprise to see significant changes in online and offline commerce. One emerging trend that’s been rapidly gaining popularity is live sales. This innovative selling strategy blends the convenience of virtual shopping with real-time interactions via social media platforms, offering both sellers and customers a unique shopping experience.

Among the pioneers of this trend are Brad and Jon, better known in the e-commerce world as The Posh Kings. With a love story that bridges their personal and professional lives, the dynamic entrepreneur couple has leveraged the power of live sales and their strong dedication to customer service to build an empire on Poshmark, a snazzy online marketplace for clothing, shoes, and accessories.

The Posh Kings are no ordinary entrepreneurs. Brad and Jon recognized the potential of live sales early on because of their keen understanding of the market and ability to follow and adapt to new trends. Inspired by the trend’s massive success in China, which accounts for most virtual sales, the couple decided to bring the heat to Poshmark.


“It’s like having a personal shopping assistant at your fingertips, just a click away,” the Posh Kings muse.

Their immediacy and interactivity set live sales apart from traditional online shopping. Sellers showcase their products in real-time, allowing them to provide detailed descriptions and answer any questions potential buyers may have on the spot. As the Posh Kings emphasize, this type of interaction, coupled with the visually rich presentation of products, creates a more personal shopping atmosphere, closely replicating the in-person experience.

For Brad and Jon, however, there’s more to the business than just selling products. They have created a genuine connection with their audience during their live sales, answering questions, offering advice, joking around, and sharing a bit of themselves. They even provide on-the-fly product measurements, ensuring their customers make informed purchasing decisions. This human element has given their live sales an edge over static online listings.

“Our live sales often last for hours at a time. We’ve had a sale that took around six and a half hours,” Jon reveals. “But, it’s no problem for us. Of course, preparing for a sale and keeping the live stream engaging can sometimes be tiring, but our customers’ happiness matters the most to us. Their satisfaction is our own.”

Among the many impressive accomplishments The Posh Kings have under their belt, the sheer volume of items they sell during their lives stands out the most. With each new live stream, hundreds of unique items, from luxury shoes to elegant handbags, find new homes within a few hours. “We recently did a four-hour show, selling around 400 items. It was truly an amazing sale, and we were both super excited about it.”

While live sales are groundbreaking and practical, The Posh Kings highlight that they come with challenges. A big concern they brought up is the common human fear of being on camera.


“Many people are camera shy, and that’s okay. That’s why we love the silent shows that Poshmark has introduced. You can auction listings, and Poshmark will scroll automatically, showing images on the screen for shoppers to view,” Brad explains. “Sellers can answer questions through the chat, so there’s no need to turn on your video or audio. It’s a perfect option for anyone uncomfortable with being on camera.”

Now, tools on the market simplify the selling process like Crosslisting. Utilizing an application maximizes efficiency and productivity – a mantra that encompasses resellers’ ethos.

“Nowadays, with technology, things are easier in the reselling world,” they explain. “Using an app that lets you list items across multiple platforms will save you a great deal of time and increase the chance of making a sale.”

As the curtain rises on the era of live sales, The Posh Kings continue to lead the charge. Still, they’re not merely riding the wave. They’re shaping it, directing the trajectory of online retail’s future. Their recipe for success? A blend of innovation, flexibility, and a hearty measure of love has transformed a complex business operation into a thriving, interactive community.

Through their journey, Brad and Jon have demonstrated that online sales aren’t just about transactions but connections. They delightfully said, “We’re not interested in selling a product. We want to share a piece of our story and journey and use that to form a deep bond with our audience. And, if we happen to inspire others to embark on their own resale journey, then that’s a huge plus.”

Presented by: Lorraine Davidson

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