Locked in with Caribbean Beauty Alicia Herbeth, Captured by Dimetri Hogan

by The Daily Front Row
 The fashion industry is changing in more ways than one lately. Alicia Herbeth at Elite Models suits up in Inez Valentine Swimwear, a sustainable swimwear line based in NYC, while we sit down to learn a bit more about this Caribbean model’s life, desires & proudest moments all while staying hopeful within the current state of the fashion industry due to the pandemic.

Hello, please introduce yourself for those who don’t know you.
Hi, I’m Alicia Herbeth but all my closest friends call me Ali! I’m a model living in New York City and working around the world. I may be a city girl now, but I will always be an island girl at heart.

Tell us a little bit about where you are from and something unique about the area.
I’m from Guadeloupe. It’s a small French island in the Caribbean that looks like a butterfly! I just love my island. Life is so much simpler, the food is amazing and the best part is, it never gets cold!

We came across one of your hair care tutorials on Instagram, what else did you do to remain active during quarantine?
 Adjusting to quarantine was definitely challenging at first. Everything changed and I had to spend a lot of time at home, which is something I’m definitely not used to! At first I was first really into cooking and began filming some cooking tutorials on my instagram. Then came TikTok! I love to dance, so for a good 10 days I was dancing everyday in my apartment making new videos everyday! I also stayed healthy and in shape by working out on FaceTime with my friends! After a few weeks I finally got to do what I love – modeling. I started self-shooting at home for clients. Doing your own hair, makeup, styling, set design and shooting makes you really appreciate all the work that goes into a shoot!

How do you see the fashion industry changing post pandemic?
With these uncertain times I often question what will happen to the fashion industry. But fashion is always changing and I think this change could bring some good! It will definitely not be easy to adapt and it may take some time but fashion will always exist. I am excited to see what this new era brings us!
What would you say sets you apart as a model?
My mix of unique features definitely sets me apart! My curly hair, freckles and golden skin are a unique combination you don’t see very often!

Who are your role models? People that inspired you to follow your dreams.
My biggest role model will always be my mom! She is the one who always supported my dreams, helped me push forward and to not give up and stay focused on my goal. She understood since I was 17-years-old that being a model was my dream and she couldn’t stop me from leaving the house. Since then she has always been my number one fan. I also like to admire the work and determination of the biggest top models in the industry. I like to be inspired by a little bit of everyone and keep believing that if they can do it I can also.

Is there any particular project or campaign you’ve worked on that stands out?
My campaign for DKNY’s “Be delicious” fragrance was one of my favorite shoots! We filmed in the street of New York City for 3 days and let’s just say that this campaign was just made for me. I could just be myself, laugh, dance, run, scream, look crazy ! I had so much fun that many times I forgot I was actually working. The best part came after when I started seeing myself in the streets, on TV, and people sending me pictures all over the world. This was one of my modeling goals.

If you could work with anyone in the industry, who would you like to work with?
I would love to work with brands like Sports illustrated and Fenty Beauty. It would be amazing to work with brands that promote diversity in the industry and around the world.

Keep up with Alicia on Instagram at @alicia_hbh and keep up with Inez Valentine @inezvalentineswim.
Interview by Dimetri Hogan
Presented by T1
Photos by Dimetri Hogan
Styling by Inez Valentine 

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