Elite Model Dina Khoury Is Growing as An Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurship has always been viewed as a passionately independent, ambitious venture. Entrepreneurs often start from scratch, growing the foundations for their business. They have a passion and ambition for achieving their goals and living out their purpose. Working as a channel for growing businesses, the web is consistently creating and providing opportunities. Individuals can use social media as a platform to expand the horizon of their audience. Many entrepreneurs use online spaces to give light to their work, identity, and art. As social media broadens and builds across the globe, it serves as a window into entrepreneurial life. Entrepreneurs can share or broadcast with anyone giving them the potential to rise to celebrity status.  Now, more people than ever are pursuing entrepreneurship. The pandemic’s influence on the economy and financial markets have made people rethink their personal and professional choices. The rise of social media has impacted and, transformed the modeling industry. The industry has a rich, diverse history with models like Tyra Banks, Cindy Crawford, and Naomi Campbell becoming inspirational leaders in fashion, as well as numerous other sectors. Beyond the rise of model popularity in the 90s, the early internet era saw many models – like Chrissy Teagan and Karlie Kloss – transition from modeling to entrepreneurship. Working across various areas and with diverse communities, models continue to explore a range of ventures. Through social media, a large portion of the modeling community has scaled their business, and brand, over time.  Ryan Schinman, chief executive of Platinum Rye, states that in modern society, models are “more savvy”. Schinman explains how If you built enough of a persona around yourself, you can do well.Yet, he also notes that the trick is, “the DNA of your brand has to match up with the product. Successful entrepreneurship as a model means having knowledge and expertise, in business and life.

Introducing Dina Khoury, a highly-successful model with a passionate drive for entrepreneurship. Khoury has been signed to major agencies in the US including Wilhelmina and currently Elite Model Management in New York. Working alongside luxury and top brands such as Oscar de la Renta, Calvin Klein, Nike and Victoria’s Secret, Khoury invests herself in multiple pursuits. Growing up in Yonkers, Khoury moved to New York City roughly seven years ago. Working a 9-5 office position, she built her way up with hard work. Khoury graduated college with a 4 year Bachelors degree in Psychology. She then started volunteering at her local hospital’s children’s psychiatric unit at Westchester Medical Center. Through her experience working with children, Khoury has worked on charitable projects ever since. In any place or city, Khoury’s entrepreneurial mindset continues to thrive and drive her to new places. With minimal income and a leap of faith, Khoury quit her job, followed her gut instinct and moved to Manhattan to officially pursue her modeling career. Khoury says it was the best decision she has ever made.   Khoury continued modeling whilst getting a degree in Psychology. She found immediate success and began working with major brands for fashion, fitting, runway, and fitness modeling. After landing some top opportunities, Khoury’s impact on the modeling world expanded and she grinded her way into a full schedule, made connections, and nurtured her brand relationships.  Now, as an established model, Khoury is modeling fashion, fitness, runway, and beauty campaigns. With over 12 years of experience, she began to embrace entrepreneurship; drawing upon the valuable total of her personal and professional experiences. Through her fashion and fitness experiences, Khoury was able to gain a presence through her social media outlets. This inspired her to really dive into the health and wellness community as she became a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports & Medicine. Khoury truly finds a passion in motivating and helping others become the best versions of themselves. Khoury then partnered up with wellness brands to shed light on the importance of investing in your health. Khoury reminds us to fall in love with taking care of your body and to fill your own cup first so you have enough to give to others. Practicing self-gratitude and shifting your thinking to be more positive will be more beneficial for the world around you which guided Khoury in pursuing many aspirations in her life. You can keep up with Dina Khoury through her Instagram.

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