Joseph Abboud on His Spring/Summer ’17 Collection

by Sydney Sadick

A runway show with a side of pancakes, frittatas, and croissants? Fine by us! That was the setting at this morning’s breakfast/runway show for Joseph AbboudNew York Fashion Week: Men’s Spring/Summer 2017  debut at The Park in NYC. The collection was full of fresh, summery neutrals donned by top mods like Sean O’Pry and Chad White. We caught up Mr. Abboud on his latest collection and why these mods were the perfect faces to show off his new lineup. 

What was the inspiration behind the collection?
It’s really about the American nomad and the idea of the voyager and the traveler. It was inspired by Ernest Hemingway. You’ll see a lot of linen fabrics, textures and raw seams. It’s sort of deconstructing elegance, but we still make this tailored clothing—it’s made at our factory. It’s important that you can show it [the collection]; it’s very comfortable and wearable but it has a singular message. I want American men to be more worldly and not so provincial.

What are some of your favorites in the collection?
I sort of love them all! I love the idea of the way we did evening with the jacquard fabric. It’s one thing when you do color, but it’s another when you do neutrals with textures. You look beyond the color and into the fabric, and that’s what all the fabrics were about—really beautiful, layer-on-layer textures. And the guys are just such good models for the clothing.

They are some definite eye-candy.
They were really good canvases to paint this on.

Were you involved in the selection?
Yeah, and we have a great stylist. We also look at how the guys fit in the clothes, and they look so amazing. Guys can’t dress in one singular look—they need variety, and I think there’s a lot of variety in this collection.

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I’d be inspired too if I could dress up Chad and Brian S 🙂


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