Accessories Stole the Show at Jil Sander for Fall 2019

by Aria Darcella
Jil Sander

Last season, designers Lucie and Luke Meier proved themselves a force to be reckoned with at Jil Sander, as the gorgeous bags and shoes of their Spring 2019 collection added subtle detail and intrigue to their clothes. It was clear the duo were capable of living up to Sander’s legacy of minimalist design while giving the brand the modern update it deserved. So what’s on tap for Fall ’19? More expert tailoring and some seriously great accessories.

While there wasn’t a large variety of bags like last season, what came down the runway was still pretty interesting. The long rectangular box bags were back, as were some envelope styles with details such as protruding pockets and hanging netting. Decorative, or a functional extension? So far, unclear, but cool either way. A standout piece was one that featured an illustration of a water bird, which matched the motif on the dress it was styled with.

As for the footwear, the Maiers created a leather sock-like situation that could then be slipped through delicate sandals or kitten heels. It’s the perfect way to keep wearing strappy footwear even after the temperature begins to drop. The effect was similar to shoe situations explored previously by Margiela and Alessandro Michele at Gucci, but felt cool and fresh nonetheless. Additionally, those fun boxer-meets-pointe shoes from last season have been replaced with a boxer-meets-Salem-witch situation. Essentially, instead of boxy toes they are now very pointy.

As for the clothes themselves, it was all about structure this season. Heavier textiles like wool were molded into rounded silhouettes. Many pieces featured impressive details such as knife pleating, tucking, and embroidered trims. It was luxurious, it was modern, and it was thoughtfully designed. Check out the full collection below.

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