Jackson Wiederhoeft Created The Most ‘Elevated Elves’ Outfits You’ve Ever Seen For Nemacolin’s Hardy Holiday Village

by The Daily Front Row

Santa’s little helpers never looked so haute. At Nemacolin’s newly reimagined Hardy’s Holiday Village, which took almost six months to come to fruition, the elves have been outfitted by one of New York’s most exciting rising designers, Jackson Wiederhoeft. It turns out that Wiederhoeft and PJ Magerko Liquorice, vice president of Brand Strategy at Nemacolin, go way back, having met as young creatives in the city. We caught up with Magerko Liquorice to hear about the inspiration for the best-dressed woodland characters you’ll ever see—which follow themes like Dancer Elves, Adult Elves, Diva Elves, and Cabaret Elves—as well as how the concept for the experience stems from a long-running family tradition at the Farmington, Pennsylvania, resort.

You and Jackson met at college. Tell us more about what drew you to each other.
We clicked during our freshman year at Parsons. Meeting Jackson was my favorite part of Parsons before I transferred to NYU. I was intrigued because he was wearing a Halloween T-shirt in the middle of May!

Tell us what the holiday season is like at Nemacolin. What are some of your favorite things to do there?
The holidays at Nemacolin are truly a winter woodland wonderland filled with lights, warmth, and magic. This year, my favorite thing to do on the property is to walk through Hardy’s Holiday Village watching the guests’ reactions to the performances and interactions with the elves.

When did you start thinking about the elf outfits for this project?
After reviewing the design by [production designer] Angelic Rutherford with my mom—Maggie Hardy, owner and CEO of Nemacolin—and the team, I was tasked to find a troupe of elves that could live and perform at Nemacolin during the holiday season. I called the head elf himself, Austin Goodwin, who always understands the assignment. Next, I called Jackson, because we needed them to be the most elevated elves anyone has ever seen. I love the world of Wiederhoeft because of the undercurrent of silliness and sophistication, which is also synonymous with Nemacolin’s brand ethos.

Images: Wiederhoeft/Nemacolin

Who is on your nice list this year?
My mom, Maggie, is always at the top of my nice list for her generosity and vivacious spirit.

How long has it taken for everything to come to fruition?
The set design for the village was presented in March and everything snowballed (pun intended!) from there. The finishing touches were added on Thanksgiving, and we opened the doors on November 24th!

Do you have any fun or unconventional holiday traditions that you celebrate every year?
Hardy’s Holiday Village originated as a one-weekend concept for our annual family party we call Hardy Holidays, which we’ve hosted at Nemacolin for decades. We decided to extend the invitation to the Holiday Village to guests and members throughout the season. It will now become a staple for the holidays at Nemacolin.

(Sofia Belhouari)

What are you most excited for this season?
I would say that the focus this year is on generosity, both toward others and oneself, making it a truly special time for everyone. On November 24th, Nemacolin celebrated three major events—the opening of the Grand Lodge, Hardy’s Holiday Village, and my mom’s million-dollar donations to local community and hospitality education organizations.

What’s one gift you’re hoping for this year?
Peace on earth and internally for every individual.

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