Hugh Grant on His Return to Hollywood

by Sydney Sadick


Hugh Grant has melted our hearts in flicks like Notting Hill, Love Actually, and Two Weeks Notice, but lately, Grant has pressed pause on the acting front and turned his attention to politics. Now Grant makes his return to the silver screen in Florence Foster Jenkins, where he stars alongside Meryl Streep. The actor talked to W Magazine in its October issue about what he’s been up to lately, as well as those iconic love scenes that simply make us melt.

On his 5-year hiatus
“In the last five years, I have been doing less in terms of show business and more in terms of politics [he has taken on certain Rupert Murdoch–owned tabloids for hacking the phones of celebrities] and having children [he has four],” Grant said. “My character in Florence Foster Jenkins is, in fact, rubbish. But then he meets this eccentric millionairess, and they suit each other perfectly.”


On researching for his new role
“Yes. In a panic, the year leading up to the film I did a very uncharacteristic amount of research, including flying to New York to read Bayfield’s diaries and letters. I also had to learn to dance the Lindy Hop. That took four hard months, with ladies in leotards in a sweaty dance studio in London. They had to train me like a performing seal.”

On his love scenes in Four Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill
“Love scenes are extremely difficult. You’re always within a millimeter of sentimentality and “yuck.” But sex scenes are something else! The conventional response to sex scenes is that they’re horrible and not sexy and it’s all so unnatural. But I’ve always found filming sex scenes to be quite a turn-on.”


On staying in London instead of moving to Hollywood 
“I don’t hate L.A., but I’m nervous about becoming one of those people who has a ferocious interest in how films did at the box office that weekend and, you know, would want to meet for egg-white omelets in the morning. After a few weeks of living there, I realized I was going native. I remember being tempted to not actually phone people myself but have my assistant say, “Hi, I’ve got Hugh Grant for you.” At that point, you know you’ve got to get out.”

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