How Pasquale Bruni’s Eugenia Bruni Is Leading The Family Jewelry Brand Forward With Female Empowerment In Mind

by Freya Drohan

The Pasquale Bruni name is known all over the world, thanks to its precious and luxe jewelry, but for creative director Eugenia Bruni, the focus is always on the innate sparkle of the woman wearing the designs. Following in the footsteps of her father, who famously founded the trailblazing brand in Valenza, Italy, at just 20 years old, she’s on a mission to make women feel empowered and special when they proudly put on their favorite piece. Here’s how she’s doing it!

Give us the backstory of the brand!
We are a 50-year-old family-run Italian company started by my father, Pasquale, who was a pioneer in the jewelry world. He started the brand from nothing, with the goal to create a new type of fantasy jewelry. Our atelier is, and always has been, in Valenza—the city of gold.

What have you learned from the family business?
I’ve learned attention to detail and the courage it takes to grow a brand. And how to create jewelry in a meaningful, new way. My brother, Daniele, and I started working in the factory when we were really young. I fell in love with it—the handmade process, the technical side, the experimenting—when I was a child. Until 2001, the brand was under the direction of Pasquale. He helped to teach me but taught me how important it is to see all aspects and have a full vision of my own.

Eugenia Bruni (Courtesy)

What does your current involvement look like?
We’re still a family business, so Daniele takes care of the U.S. market. What I’m trying to do is to create a jewelry brand of passion and experience. I want to create jewelry that empowers women. I’m in the factory every day. Maybe it’s because ever since I was a child, it’s the place I truly love the most. The atelier makes me so happy. I feel that through my jewelry, I can leave something behind for all women. Right now, my focus is to challenge my design. I think we need that more than ever right now—creating beauty for women.

How are you doing that?
I study the anatomy of the jewelry, like I study the anatomy of the body and of nature. Nature is something that reconnects women with themselves. This is why it’s important to spend a lot of time in the atelier. I’m obsessed with shape, light, and making jewelry feel intimate. I want a woman to feel empowered by wearing the jewelry, but even when we have power, we don’t forget our feminine parts. I want a woman to bloom every day and reconnect with all of her sides while feeling unique.

How does it feel to see people wearing Pasquale Bruni?
It feels emotional! Every time! For me, the importance is when I see someone wearing the design and I see her actions, her attitude, her confidence. The approach of our jewelry is for people to love themselves through this light and to love others. When a client approaches me and talks to me, it’s beautiful to hear that they feel something special while wearing a piece.


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What do you think the brand has become known for?
Our signature is unique pavé. It’s contemporary and full of emotion. People also know us for the way you can wear pieces from the Aleluiá, AMA, and Goddess Garden collections as a choker or a bracelet; they [represent] the many facets of a woman with all the different ways she can wear them.

Do you have a particular favorite piece that you always wear?
I always wear something in rose quartz. It’s a stone of love, and love is the main reason to be in this world! The Goddess Garden collection is all about leaves. When I wear those pieces, I feel the power and the energy that a tree has, and I feel the light.

Aleluiá Bracelet in 18K rose gold with diamonds (below), $28,000; Goddess Garden Earrings in 18K white gold with white diamonds (right), $26,800. Both available at

What are you currently working on?
The moon is a big influence, and the ocean. They’re two important elements for connecting with the emotions and femininity of a woman. I’m working on new research, so you’ll see that next year. It’s going to be mysterious, with a lot of artisan work in the collection, and I’m excited about it!

What’s your favorite thing about the holidays?
Christmas is a holiday with high spiritual energy. I feel at Christmas, we connect with one another through the light in our hearts, and it’s an inspiring time for me. In Italy, we spend the day with family and reunite. There are lots of animals, too—usually more animals than people! I also always do a yoga retreat because it’s important to reconnect. I take a few days to meditate and do yoga, so I can have beautiful new energy for the coming year.

What’s your biggest dream for the brand?
I’m a person who lives a lot in the present; I try to give all I have to the present. If you give all of yourself, things turn to gold. For me, it’s about spreading this love and emotion, being connected, and having gratitude. What I wish is that we continue to do that and continue to do it ethically.

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