Hometown Glory! Chicsters Divulge Their Former Stomping Grounds

by Dena Silver


Alright, fashionettes, who’s got the most hometown pride? We asked some of our faves: Where are you from? What do think on your old ‘hood? Boy, were you honest…

Nicola Formichietti: “I’m half-Italian and half-Japanese. I was born in Tokyo and brought up in Rome. I was completely bi-polar! No, I’m kidding. But I love both cultures, because I love the extremes.”

Kyle Anderson, Marie Claire: “I’m from Chicago. I never go back and visit because there’s so much more to do here; people want to come to visit more than they want me to come visit them. I am definitely a fan of deep-dish pizza, though!”

Vanessa Friedman: 
“New York! I grew up on 93rd Street. I’ve also lived in Washington, London, and Paris, but I think I missed the pace of life in New York and the speed of what’s happening is unlike other cities. It totally ruins you for other cities.”

Cindi Leive, Glamour: “I grew up in McLean, Virginia. It’s the home of the CIA, so if I told you more about it, I’d have to kill you! Just kidding! I actually didn’t even know that it was there when I was growing up, but I got lost on my bike one day, and all of a sudden came across this gated place with guys in security outfits around me.”

Yigal Azrouel: 
“I’m originally from Israel. I go back to visit my family. I just love the food there and I love the people, too. I love surfing there.”

Fern Mallis: “New York! Well, I was born in Brooklyn. It’s fascinating seeing the renaissance of Brooklyn, because it’s not the same Brooklyn I grew up in. I live in Manhattan, but the only reason I go back to Brooklyn now is to go to Peter Luger. I’ve heard there are some great restaurants out there, though.”

Brendan Fallis:
 “I’m from Durham, Ontario in Canada. There are 2,500 people and one stop light in the whole town. There’s a lot of farming, and we just got a Subway sandwich shop. That was the first chain to hit our town. I don’t go home to visit; I’ve only been there once in the past five years. It’s actually pretty bad. I need to go home more. You’re making me feel guilty!”

Anne Fulenwider, Marie Claire: “I was born in New York City, but I was whisked away to the suburbs of Boston, so I grew up a wholesome New England girl. But I totally identify more with New York City. I go up to Boston for holidays and a little bit of summer and I get a dose of oxygen up there, but I race back down to NYC as fast as I can. The closer we drive to NYC, the more I can breathe.”

Edun’s Danielle Sherman: “I’m from Los Angeles, and I was like 50 years old at age five! I like hung out with the teachers. I was that kid. I had friends too, but I just loved talking to adults. I would always want to go to my mom’s dinner parties. Even now, my muse is Lauren Hutton.”

“I grew up in Manila. I hated it! I hated it so much and that’s why I’m living in New York now. I was a crazy child! Basically I’m still the same me, but I’m 32 now. I remember watching Isaac Mizrahi’s Unzipped at age 12; that was my first fashion memory.”

Miguel Enamorado, Fashion Director, Interview: “I grew up in Honduras. The name of my hometown is Quimistán in Santa Barbara. We had a dairy farm; it was very down-to-earth. We had cows, and I had a black horse called Negro, I was a little farmer boy.”

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